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11. huhtikuu 2023

I would like to write an evaluation for the customer service representative, Lina, who assisted me in solving my issue excellently.

I recently had a problem with the Application and contacted the customer service department for assistance. Lina was the representative who handled my case, and I must say that she provided exceptional service.

Firstly, Lina was very patient and attentive to my concerns. She listened carefully to my issue and asked relevant questions to fully understand the situation. She also took the time to explain the steps she was taking to resolve the problem, which helped me feel reassured that it was being taken care of.

Furthermore, Lina was very knowledgeable and competent in her role. She was able to quickly identify the root cause of the issue and provided me with a solution that was both effective and efficient. She also followed up with me to ensure that everything was resolved to my satisfaction.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by Lina. She demonstrated excellent customer service skills, and her professionalism and dedication to resolving my issue were truly impressive. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance with their products or services.

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26. heinäkuu 2023

I'm a little bit dumb, didn't know why my selected language was inactive in my website. I didn't contact T Lab company, I went to ask for help from shopify experts. Price for setting up the language was 200-300 dollars...
So I tried contacting T Lab assistant instead. Sooooo - 2 minutes later my store already was operating with my wanted language... In 2 minutes the customer support saved me few hundred dollars :)) Also the app is free. SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH T LAB TEAM. I LOVE YOU

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Muokattu 9. kesäkuu 2023

Best app to manage all translations and everything that you need like metafields ecc.
Support is always ready to help and fine the best solution.
I advise to choose this app for your store becuase Translatation it's not always easy with Shopify and T Lab is the best one.

7 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
17. marraskuu 2022

Fantastic App, translates really well and integrates with third party apps such as Judge.me to translate reviews as well. Support is excellent, very knowledgable and experienced, they were able to guide me through the setup and resolve issues effectively. Would highly recommend this App and the support team

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30. kesäkuu 2023

The best feature about the app is that it saves the translations in Shopify, and doesn't just slap a live translator over your store that slows everything down. I have noticed however that the translations aren't always perfect. It doesn't happen a lot, but 'Boats' in Dutch was translated to 'Nothing' for example.

The support is very good however. I haven't had to wait more than a minute to get a reply.

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7. helmikuu 2023

This app is easy to use and makes it possible to translate a Shopify Store within days and also within hours. We like the freedom to let the app do the hard work and also the possibility to do manual translations.

Support is great and always helped us fast, when questions needed response.

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5. joulukuu 2022

Great translation tool for my small site with 2 languages, with most of the website text straightforward and easy to find in the app. Really excellent customer service to help with the not-straightforward items. Would definitely recommend.

Basis Nuts
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22. syyskuu 2023

I researched and tested several different translation apps before settling with T Lab and it simply works!
Not to mention that if I have an issue I have to look into T Lab has by far the best support and they answer my questions swiftly.

Nordic Supper
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9. tammikuu 2023

Great app and very fast support. Had trouble finding a section that required translation and issue was replied to and sorted within literally minutes - thanks guys!

Nature Provides
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11. tammikuu 2023

Since we use the application in our online store, we can reach more people with our content and our products. We are currently translating our website in 3 languages (English, Spanish and French). In addition, the support team always gives us a hand when we have questions and their answers are immediate.

ANY DI Munich
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