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28. heinäkuu 2022

The app works great from english to greek ! Thank you for all your help.
Manage to translate check out and more.

6 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
Muokattu 14. elokuu 2020

Note you need to pay to have your content translated automatically - I would probably have needed to pay 30€ to have my website translated into 1 other language, so I decided to uninstall the app. The translation is made using google translate, it wasn't bad.
Also note if you make changes to your original text, the translation will not update automatically.
The app designers are helpful and very reactive.

Umya jewelry
6 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
Sherpas Design vastasi 16. elokuu 2020

Hi Ushas,

Thank you for your review!

Translation Lab uses the Google natural language recognition AI to automatically translate your store. This AI costs $10 per 500K characters. We charge $9.99 per 300K, which means that our margin is $4. Out of the $9.99 Shopify take $2 so our margin is reduced to $2.

Given the bills we pay to AWS for our computing resources and our development team salaries I hope it is clear that the automatic translations cannot be provided for free or for less that they cost right now because even now we are paying out of our own pockets to have the app do what it does.

When you go to the Translate page in the app you have a Scan button which will process the information in your store and provide you with an estimate of how many characters you need to translate your store and thus what the cost will be. I do think that $30 is a pretty good price for having your whole store translated.

Regarding having your content changes translated automatically, we have not implemented this on purpose. We prefer for the store owner to know exactly how many characters are needed and what the cost will be before they hit the Translate button instead of all this happening behind the scenes and charges being applied to the store.

I hope this information is useful to anyone using the app.

17. kesäkuu 2020

Translating my site into Swedish was easier than with the two previous apps I tried, so helpful that it is working with the native Shopify translation. Comprehensive - and the support was quick, friendly and professional!

Emma Prowse
Noin 6 tuntia sovelluksen käyttöä
Muokattu 28. tammikuu 2021

UPDATES...i WAS HELPED BY Miken THE APP DOES WHAT'S SUPPOSED TO DO THANX DEVELOPERS, I recommend it,, follow the instructions if decide to uninstall the app thanx

Te Divina
9 minuuttia sovelluksen käyttöä
Muokattu 4. kesäkuu 2021

Great service from Max from the Lab, and he also told me to reach out with a ticket before leaving this app. So, if you wanna try it you now know that at least they have good customer service and that's a plus!

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