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2. leden 2024

I go to follow the youtube video and the link to embed my widget and nothing on my page looks the same as to where to add my widget. really wish there was a better customer service for help

La Pine Rodeo
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Vývojář Widgetic odpověděl 12. leden 2024

Hi there. Please note the app is available for both embedding with code, but also for Online Store 2.0, where you drag and drop it in the visual editor.

Be sure to check both guides here:

Datum úprav: 25. červenec 2019

This app is extremely good. You can add your countdown in any place of your store and customize the style to match your brand.

The best functionally for me is that you can customize your Countdown Timer in a way where it resets by itself, so, per example, you put a 10 hours countdown in your product page and when the time is over, if you want, the countdown will show a message that you can customize and it will start over again. Amazing.

Gadbe™ Shop
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14. březen 2021

I absolutely loved this app along with many other widgetic apps. I used several on my website. Unfortunately all of them have seemed to crash or are non-existent. They all showed error codes all over my website. Not to mention, all of my data within the apps is not accessible. I had alot of information written and stored in many of their apps that I now have to completely re-write & reconfigure. I will not be using widgetic apps anymore because they are not reliable. Customers looking at a website with multiple error codes displayed does not create a welcoming, safe or secure website image for my company.

Bub And Bloom
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Vývojář Widgetic odpověděl 15. březen 2021

Sorry, it should be back live now. We did some maintenance on our server infrastructure and the widgets were down for a few hours. Best wishes!

1. září 2018

Nice app and a very helpful team ! Thank You !

More Flow
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30. březen 2018

It is very nice, very simple and no other pop ups. Exactly what I was looking for.
Just one suggestion, update the widget integration page. It took me a while to figure out how to integrate the widget.

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Vývojář Widgetic odpověděl 4. duben 2019

We made a few tutorials, depending on where you want to add the app. Please have a look at the embed options here:

21. srpen 2019

Easy to set up and customize. I am however curious how i would show this only on products listed as "on sale" and not just have it placed on every products page.

Trends Hunter
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Vývojář Widgetic odpověděl 21. srpen 2019

Hey there. Thanks for your feedback! This part that controls on which product pages the embed should be displayed, based on specifics of those projects, is something only a Shopify Expert would be able to help you with. They would test the state of the product, and then embed the app for those instances that fit your requirement.

24. srpen 2020

The app has powerful customization options and this is great! Exactly what we needed: fast and customizable

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25. duben 2019

Nice application but we can only change the date ? I would like to change the hour only
Thank you :)

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Vývojář Widgetic odpověděl 25. duben 2019

You're actually able to change both. ;-)