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CP24 ‑ Form Builder

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Contact, Chat & Registration Form With File Upload

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Powerful Forms & File Upload

Allow to create forms with unlimited form fields including file upload, Predefined form templates & Registration form with billing fields.

Notification, Autoresponder

Get instant form submission notification email with attachments into your inbox & set autoresponders to acknowledge your customers.

Responsive Forms & Captcha

Mobile responsive forms that work on any device like Mobile, Tab, and Desktop & Google-captcha support to prevent the bots on your website.

Podrobnosti o CP24 ‑ Form Builder

About CP24 - Form Builder

CP24 - Form Builder & Contact Form provide the solution to create beautiful forms to get customer inquiry with file attachment to fulfill different purposes. CP24 - Form Builder & Contact Form is a spam-free app that helps you to build a fully responsive, user-friendly, spectacular, and professional contact form in a short span of time. This app provides pre-built templates & assists you to create your own custom form with drag & drop fields. Form settings are easy to use and you can set up email templates. CP24 - Form Builder & Contact Form is an application that places a customizable contact form widget on any page of a Shopify store. You can create different category forms like Contact Us, Chat/Floating Popup, Questionnaire Form, Survey Form, Quiz Form, Custom Shopify Registration Form, Event Registration Form, Customer Feedback Form, Assessment/Audit Form, Job Application Form, Registration Form, and many more with ease.

Key Features

  • Mobile responsive forms that work on any device like Mobile, Tab, and Desktop.
  • Autoresponders support, Acknowledge your customers by setting up an autoresponder with each form.
  • Google-captcha support to prevent the bots on your website.
  • Create Additional Registration form for B2B/Wholesale Customers, Add tags & create into Shopify on Approval.
  • Allow creating multiple forms with unlimited form fields and input fields.
  • File upload, Including multiple files at once up to 25 MB.
  • Allow uploading attachment files (jpg, jpeg, png, css, pdf, gif, sag, psd, ai, stl, stp, step, doc, docx, txt, eps).
  • Floating/Chat form with an option to display in single or all pages in popup model. Customer registration form, Shopify customer API integration, create/update customers, send account invitation emails.
  • Customize email templates & get an email for each form submitted and file attachment right in your inbox.
  • Access your form submissions inquiry at any time from the admin panel.
  • Additional option to add your own CSS class on form element if you want to control the look and feel by your own CSS.
  • Beautiful dashboard to see the submission date wise in the graphical view, recent submissions, and total forms & submission statistics.
  • Multiple pre-built forms templates to save your time.
  • Showing form on the popup, so a visitor can quickly get in touch should they need it.
  • All kinds of input widgets to meet your needs: One-line Text, Multi-line Text, Dropdown, Radio Select, Number, Date, Email, Heading, Paragraphs, Files Upload, Button etc.
  • Easy to embed the form into your page using simple shortcodes.
  • Designed Email Template - By default good design for submitted data on inbox. You can set your own design for inbox data.

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Chocolatey Clare

This app enabled me to customize the default customer registration form for my website, allowing me to gather more information for wholesale customers. I had a couple of issues implementing the changes I needed, but Imran was fantastic at resolving them for me. I'd recommend them for speedy, comprehensive and efficient support. Thank you!