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22 februari 2022

I did not use it signed up for the free trial and found it useless. it was a free trial with a limited amount of recorded visit. it did not clock my conversions. today i was given notice that they attempted to make and unauthorized charge on my card of over $700.00 without my permission or any notice that I was going over the limit and would be charged. Fortunatly i am smart enough to use prepaid card for any sort of online business so the money was not available to them. not trustworthy or honest.

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Crazy Egg heeft geantwoord 20 maart 2022

There was a bit of a misunderstanding about how our tool works and subscription. I would love to clear that up:

Many of our customers, including Shopify customers, find our tool quite helpful. Over on our other review sites, you can see, “It's great to look at the heat map to see where users are interacting the most on your site. It allows for useful data to improve the user experience and improve SEO of the site”.

But we understand that you did not share this experience with us.

Shopify doesn’t allow any third-party script to track the checkout. You must be on their Plus or higher plan to do this. This may have been why your conversions were not tracked.

If you sign up via the Shopify App directly, then all billing is via Shopify, and the plans are billed monthly. After the 14 day trial, you will need to verify which plan you want to continue with.

In this case, you had signed up with Crazy Egg directly (not via Shopify app) and the plans are billed annually after the 30-day trial. Upon signing up for a trial, our customers agree to cancel their trial if they do not wish to continue. As part of that agreement, we agree not to interrupt data collection and convert all non-canceled trials to the subscription plan the customer has chosen. That said, we did provide a full refund to you.

26 augustus 2019

Don't waste your time. This does not work with my Shopify store. It just wastes a ton of time, and then 'loads' for hours with NOTHING to show for it. Total waste of a weekend trying to get this frustrating POS software to do anything. It says it records actions - nothing comes up after hours of 'loading'. It says it does split tests - it does not work. Tried to contact 'help' - they are very unhelpful. Emails were nonsensical and did not even address the forever load times.

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Crazy Egg heeft geantwoord 7 september 2019

Hi, we understand your frustration. Our customer success team was able to meet with you the same day and within 48 hours resolved the situation which was caused by a Firefox browser setting. We're happy to offer a new trial if you want to try Crazy Egg again.