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17. únor 2024

was working great for over 2 years but now when i upload images for variants the app doesnt save the images they get deleted over and over again this cost me many of hours re uploading and reasigning my variant images since i uninstalled this app everything iw working great again

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7. únor 2024

Very easy to understand! You can change your Image File Name and add Alt Text easily.

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3. leden 2024

This is a game changer for Shopify. I crushed all my files and the speed is now much better. Noticeably better in the mobile app, which is where most people come from.
Great job.

Lidia's Bags
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17. únor 2024

not so good not so bad

Elite Dynamic Store
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9. březen 2024

so far I'm loving it! easy to use, saves me lots of time renaming and compressing, i will give it more time to learn it properly but from first look i am very impressed.

AdidA Fallen Angel
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28. leden 2024

Easy to operate, and navigate on your own

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2. únor 2024

Very helpful to optimise pictures on my Shopify store.

Light Shadow and Ink Children's Books
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4. únor 2024

A good tool allows the automation of compression, renaming, and alt tags. Huge time saver. Recommended.

Funny Golfer Gifts
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24. únor 2024

I am just testing the app and so far it has met my expectations, the speed on mobile has improved after the image compression, and the app is easy to use. I will continue to use the app and its benefits leaving another review later according to its performance. Thanks Guys

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23. únor 2024

Very efficient and easy to use. Just tick ON the tasks you want and it runs alone in background.

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