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26 Mart 2024

Very helpful customer service and a wide selection of products with decent shipping times. Thank you Estella for your excellent efforts!

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13 Mart 2024

I love how there is always a live agent here to help answer your questions. Estella's been very helpful. Thank you

Lethal Dreams
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Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Neredeyse 5 yıl
18 Nisan 2024

I was finishing setting up my store and sometimes I need a quick answer to something I don't know. I simply asked through the chat and had a really quick response from Sulee li solving my doubt, also helped me note something I hadn't seen and how to set it properly. That's what we need, quick solutions to keep on working on what we were doing.

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9 Mart 2024

Transparency with them is just what a new business owner needs, and so far it has exceeded expectations! Karen Jiang, their agent was so direct and efficient hope to get her again next time I have a question or issue.

Sea Sight
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22 Mart 2024 tarihinde düzenlendi

I'm only starting out, but so far CJdropshipping seems to have pretty robust tools and features. It's easy to search for products, though their 'search by image' feature could use a little work (it often returns a very limited number of items, or it's not the right match even though you can find the exact item on their site searching by keywords). But BEST OF ALL, their customer service response rate is extremely fast. For product sourcing, they will reply within a day (possibly even hours - I'm not at my computer 24 hours a day). You can also chat with a representative on demand as well. Eugenia Deng answered so many of my packaging questions I got embarrassed but she remained patient and helpful. When she didn't know a delivery schedule off the top of her head, she double checked with someone else and was able to give me a specific answer in minutes. Leah was also very prompt with helping me deal with shipping questions, and linked me to the correct resources. It's really great that I'm able to get answers so quickly via chat, despite being a beginner. I'd say that's even more important for beginners. I think I'm going to be very happy with CJ!

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18 Nisan 2024

Royce Zhang and his team at CJ DropShipping did a Great Job solving my Design Button software problem for my P.O.D. product on my Shopify store. I have been using CJ DropShipping for a short time and Royce helped educate me with some ordering & setup issues I had being a rookie with this platform. Thanks again Royce, I appreciate your Help!

Sunrise Paw Prints
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5 Mart 2024

I have been working with CJ since the beginning and I am very satisfied. My personal agent, Chandy Chen, is really great. I love working with her. She responds very quickly, answers all my questions and helps me solve problems. She is very committed and solution-oriented. She helps me to find products/factories if they are not yet available on CJ. She also actively informs me about changes etc. She does an absolutely great job. Thank you very much!

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10 Nisan 2024

I'd like to thank AGNES for helping me with all the questions I have, I love CJ, I use it every day and frankly, without them I wouldn't be here, a great job, very professional, courage for the future!

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29 Şubat 2024

I have been working with CJ for almost a year now and I can safeky say that this is by far the best platform to use and its not even close. my agent Ceci has been so helpful since the start and I am very grateful for everything she has done for me

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18 Mart 2024

The Best customer service - Fanny
CJ is pretty good dropshipping website and helper. We were just beginner about dropshipping and customer service team helped us a lot, specially Fanny is the best. She is kind and very thoughtful. We hope we can develop our business together more!

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