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8. listopad 2023

segnalo che ho scaricato e disinstallato l'app e mi è arrivata notifica di pagamento mentre c'è scritto che la prova è gratuita per i primi 14 giorni

Doba používání aplikace: 6 dny
Vývojář Bonify odpověděl 9. listopad 2023

Looks like there's a bit of confusion here, but we're happy to help sort it out! A recurring payment was authorized today when you installed, but we don't have any pending charges for your store so it does not appear that you were charged or will be charged in the future. Regarding the trial, you had previously installed and had a trial which had expired so the trial was not offered again. Please reach out to us directly if you'd like any assistance. If for some reason you have a charge, we will refund it, just let us know. If you'd like a second trial, we can arrange that for you as well.

4. duben 2021

stupid plugin. this app makes it so hard to remove, just make the remove button big and clear ok? not a good user experience

Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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Vývojář Bonify odpověděl 4. duben 2021

Sorry for the inconvenience. We replied to your support ticket but the email address provided is invalid so our response did not get to you. Please open a ticket and let us know the best email to reach you at. We'll get this sorted out for you right away!

Shopify's system doesn't allow for apps to make changes to themes after uninstalling. This is particularly problematic for apps that use Shopify's metafields. Our app provides theme uninstall functionality, it just needs to be used before removing the app. It's not ideal, but that's our only option. Click the "disable this area" link in the theme section to undo changes the app makes. You can still utilize the uninstall functionality at this point, just reinstall the app, click the disable links, then uninstall the app again.

28. březen 2022

One of the worst implementations of an import/export app I have seen. I imported 47 records and got the message that there were no errors yet none of the records were changed. Support told me there was an error in my file... If that was the case then you would think the app would be smart enough to tell you that there was a problem instead of reporting no errors. Also, beware that this doesn't import titles or descriptions - very limiting in my opinion.

SayIt_From The Heart
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Vývojář Bonify odpověděl 29. březen 2022

We're genuinely sorry to hear about this experience. We understand that your time is valuable.

We're in the process of updating the app to account for recent changes to this functionality in Shopify, including validating defined fields and properly erroring during import if invalid data is encountered.

Regarding changing titles and descriptions, this app's focus is on metafields, so that is the only data that the app will change during import.

Our file format intentionally mirrors Shopify's import/export file format for flexibility. The rationale was that merchants would use our app to manage metafields and Shopify's import to manage other data points, like titles, descriptions, etc. Our export files include extra data beyond metafields to help provide context for updating metafields in a spreadsheet. It's understandably frustrating though, if your expectation was that the app would import any data it encountered in an import file.

6. duben 2022

sucks, just wanted to add a custom field to collect customer info and it was impossible and their user interface is so confusing too

Crypto Shirts+
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Doba používání aplikace: 13 minutami
Vývojář Bonify odpověděl 6. duben 2022

Sorry for the confusion! Collecting customer information is not a feature of this app. The app is only for storing or displaying additional data entered by store admins.

Searching the app store for a product customization app or a custom checkout app would probably yield a better fit for your needs. Good luck with your search! :)