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13. únor 2024

I was just about to give up hope, but then I found this app. Seamless, simple straightforward... and it just works. Thank you!

Jihoafrická republika
Doba používání aplikace: 7 dny
Vývojář Nagpur Soft Embedded Technology Pvt. Ltd. odpověděl 22. únor 2024

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with our Shopify Wholesale App!
We're thrilled to hear that you found it seamless, simple, and straightforward.
Your feedback truly motivates us to continue delivering a top-notch experience for all our users.
If you need any assistance or have further feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Thank you again for choosing our app!

7. září 2023

"This is the best support team I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

POPS Industrial
Doba používání aplikace: 2 dny
Datum úprav: 24. květen 2023

Edit after talking with support:
Now it's working. Thank you very much.
For future users, make sure to follow the App Setup guide since without that it doesn't work.

Original comment:
Did not work for my store. I wanted to add an automatic discount to VIP customers but when I tested it did not work....

Running Balboa
Doba používání aplikace: 3 měsíci
Vývojář Nagpur Soft Embedded Technology Pvt. Ltd. odpověděl 24. květen 2023


I apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with the discount feature for your store. I understand that you were attempting to apply a discount specifically for your VIP customers, but unfortunately, it did not work.

To assist you further, I would need more information about the steps you took to set up the discount. Please let me know any error messages or specific issues you encountered during the process.

In the meantime, here are a few general troubleshooting steps you can take:

Verify the app settings: Double-check the app's configuration and ensure that you have correctly set up the discount for VIP customers. Confirm that the criteria for eligibility, such as customer is tagged and logged in to view offer on the product page.

Have you installed any other pricing apps in your store?

Additionally we have shared details on App setup in email.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reply to email. Our dedicated support team will be more than happy to assist you promptly.

27. duben 2023

First, I want to thank the team at Nagpur Soft for their extremely friendly, helpful and fast help in getting the app integrated with our highly customized v 1.0 legacy theme. Very professional throughout the process & the provided documentation provided will help us keep the integration working as we continue to build and change our theme.

Second, this app allows us to provide special pricing for specific products, collections and customers, whether just a simple single discount or discounts based on bulk quantities. Being able to do this without needing coupon codes, or duplicate products really streamlines the process for both us and our customers, and removes significant friction.

Don't see how you can go wrong. Highly recommended.

Spojené státy
Doba používání aplikace: 9 dny
Vývojář Nagpur Soft Embedded Technology Pvt. Ltd. odpověděl 28. duben 2023

Thank you for taking time to write a review of our product.
We are grateful for your kind appreciation of our team and recommending our App.

20. březen 2023

This is a very useful app offering Fixed tier price or percentage discount by quantity. Support offered by the company is prompt and professional, with knowledge of shopify liquid scripts and various business needs. We plan on using other apps and services by this company.

Spojené státy
Doba používání aplikace: 6 dny
Vývojář Nagpur Soft Embedded Technology Pvt. Ltd. odpověděl 28. duben 2023

Thank you for your review and appreciation of our work and company.

5. květen 2023

The Costum Pricing Wholesale app is easy to use and it helped me put discounts in bulk on my website in no time. The customer service was top notch and they were very helpful in answering all of my questions. I would highly recommend this app.

Spojené království
Doba používání aplikace: 2 dny
Vývojář Nagpur Soft Embedded Technology Pvt. Ltd. odpověděl 12. květen 2023

Great to hear that you found our app useful to put discounts in bulk.
Thank you for recommending our app - it means a lot to us.
If you have any further questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're just a click away!

27. duben 2023

not work on my store, I set rule for collection , and clicked active, but nothing change on my product page.

Doba používání aplikace: 28 minutami
Vývojář Nagpur Soft Embedded Technology Pvt. Ltd. odpověděl 28. duben 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

Our experts want to know precisely what problem you are having with our App.
Please connect with us so that we can talk about this.

Our email ID is