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15. listopad 2022

this's super fishy app, i can't even remove it from shopify APPs
it requires customers to login to make a purchase and that will make them leave your store

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Doba používání aplikace: 16 minutami
Vývojář Froonze Limited odpověděl 15. listopad 2022

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. There must have been a misunderstanding regarding the use of the app. There are 2 claims in the review. Let me address them one by one.


"I can't even remove it from Shopify APPs."
---> Our app can be uninstalled like any other app in the Shopify merchant dashboard. Furthermore, thanks to Shopify theme app extension framework that we are using, the app doesn't leave any leftover code. So, once the app is uninstalled none of the assets are loaded anymore.

"it requires customers to login to make a purchase and that will make them leave your store"
---> Our app does not require customers to login to make a purchase. We only require merchants to enable accounts because that's the main purpose of the app - improve customer account page. Enabling accounts does not mean customers HAVE TO create accounts. They can still make purchases without creating an account. There is another option in the Shopify settings to REQUIRE accounts, but we don't ask merchants to enable it.

Having said that, we understand we should have been more clear about this in the app. So, we apologize for that and hope you can give our app another try..