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Data modifica: 28 marzo 2024

the service team always give fast response and solution.
-----27th, March, 2024-----
You service is DOWN, I can't login! Stop letting me wait for hours for response!!!
----29th, March, 2024-----
The problem was solved in one hour.

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Data modifica: 27 aprile 2022

Updated, I've tried it again as it was the nicest interface of all the CRMs that I've tried. The DNS setting were eventually sorted out but it wasn't particularly easy. I'm going to try it for a month or two to see if it justifies the cost. I really wanted to like this app. Lots of promise, looks great and has lots of potential. The support is excellent too. The big problem for me is that it is just too difficult to set up - even support couldn't solve our issues. For a premium priced app, it should be seamless - but it just isn't.

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