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6. listopad 2023

We've been using Delighted for NPS for a while now and it's been incredible! Easy to use and implement and gets right at the heart of our voice of the customer!

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Vývojář Delighted, LLC odpověděl 1. červenec 2024

Thanks so much! Great to hear you're finding a ton of value in the integration.

9. únor 2015

Easily one of the best apps for Shopify. The interface, friendly support and high quality of product are just brilliant. And the communication you get back from the customers is invaluable.

If you didn't already I'd recommend installing it now - you won't look back :)

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Vývojář Delighted, LLC odpověděl 1. červenec 2024

So good to hear you've found both our product and support to be helpful!

27. říjen 2014

This is Ray here, CEO of Suitable. Delighted may be the single most helpful app we're using for Suitable. It allows us to have an incredibly simple, user-friendly and customer-friendly tool, to give us deep insight to how our customers feel about their experience. Net Promoter Score is perhaps the most important customer measure out there, and Delighted helps us keep the pulse on our customers and gives us actionable steps for growing our business.

For any business that wants to be customer-centric, Delighted is a must-have. Get advanced customer insights finally in an accessible way.

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Vývojář Delighted, LLC odpověděl 1. červenec 2024

Thank you Ray!

28. říjen 2014

Do yourself a favor and get Delighted.

Delighted is fantastic for three reasons:

1) It's a slick piece of software (easy to install, easy to use, easy to understand) that helps you understand what your customers are thinking. You know might know who your unhappy customers are and who your happy customers are, but do you know the ones that are "sort of pleased"? The ones that "would have loved the experience but..."? Chances are, you don't. That's what Delighted helps you figure out as passively as possible. You turn it on and it does the rest.

2) It allows you to take action when customers offer-up their opinions. Unhappy customer? Make them happy. Just satisfied customer? Call them to figure out what would make them happier. Really happy customer? Hooray! Make sure they know you appreciate their business. Delighted makes it possible to go from from insight to action. At the end of the day, it's all about action, so any app that just helps with insight is good but not great. Delighted is great.

3) Caleb. With Caleb at the helm of Delighted, you know you're in for a great time. Caleb has built Delighted into a product that really meets its users' needs. I've sent him feature requests and other issues and he's not only responded but also used that feedback to inform how his team improves Delighted.

If you're not using Delighted to understand what your customers are thinking and act on it, you're leaving money on the table. Simple as that.

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27. říjen 2014

This is my favorite app. The lean/clean format is unobtrusive to my valued customers and lets them know I'm listening and that I care. Because Delighted reaches out to my customers, it's easy for them to report a problem or give praise. Because my customer response comes to me immediately (via email), I can say thanks or fix things on the spot. A real win-win app.

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Vývojář Delighted, LLC odpověděl 1. červenec 2024

Always great to hear about organizations, like yours, that quickly act on customer feedback. Excellent work!

22. prosinec 2014

Seriously impressed. Within 5 minutes of installing we were getting great feedback (both positive and negative). Would love to see order info populated into Delighted....would make it easy to draw correlations in what negative feedback we can have an effect on.

Highly recommended.

Bentley Seeds
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