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Discount Ninja has been AMAZING!!! We have searched for an app that has a feature that does not reset the sale prices when a 3rd party updates my Shopify prices from my POS system, and Ninja has this feature! This allows us to run sales independently on our website. The app has other great features that have saved us time and work. The customer service is very responsive and helpful!

Madison's Niche

Looking forward to coming back to review in a few months whenever we have more time with the app. I have been pleased with the set up and demo call with the app. Bart was very helpful in answering all of my questions and assisting with my concerns.

Shop 4-H

App works the way it says it would. Have got some very very useful functionalities for discounts. The support comes though for any assistance you might need for setting up

Saraf Furniture

The best App for simple and complex promotions with the best support ever

Mustela Italia

All I can say is GREAT customer support. The app is very robust, so there are many different ways that it can be configured. It's a bit of a learning curve, but once you get's NICE!!! But we were able to things moving within a couple of days after the support team did everything to make sure the app was configured correctly. They even recommended a 3rd party filter app which is compatible with the dynamic pricing.

Gritty Soul

Just like a similar review put it, we really wanted to love this app but we just couldn't get this app to function properly. I'm envious of the stores that were able to use Discount Ninja with no problems. We tried for 3 months but it just wasn't worth it.

Our biggest issue was trying to get Discount Ninja to work with our cart (Rebuy) as well as Shopify Scripts we had live for shipping. It took about a month or more to get a lot of the issues ironed out. When Discount Ninja was live on our site, we constantly had issues with discounts not showing in the cart, prices reflecting incorrectly, the subtotal in our cart would render 25 more subtotals on the cart, free gifts showing on multiple products when it should only be one, the app editing prices on our orders after it was placed, our console was riddled with 50+ errors all coming from Discount Ninja, not to mention it slowed our cart down to where it was embarrassingly slow.

At first Customer Service were all extremely helpful and willing to help resolve these issues, but towards the end it felt like the simply got annoyed with us reaching out and a lot of the times we would be told "We can't reproduce this issue" or "this is an issue with Rebuy."

I talked with Rebuy and I'm 100% confident its not on their end. I am the web developer for our store and I could see that each issue we ran into was with Discount Ninja.

We missed out on tons of money during sales, with promotions not working properly, free gifts and add ons not showing the correct discounted price, by customers abandoning their cart due to prices being incorrect or cart being too slow, etc. Not to mention the manpower that was put into this app daily, trying to get it work while also paying for it monthly. They did refund us, so for that I thank Discount Ninja and its honestly the only reason why I'm not giving it 1 star.

Since cancelling Discount Ninja, we switched back to Shopify Scripts and still continue to use Rebuy for our cart and we have had ZERO issues and our site score has gone up 10 points.

I would love for Discount Ninja to resolve these issues on their end, work a little better with apps like Rebuy, not cause our site or cart to slow down as much it did, and ultimately to be 100% working with no bugs.

Impact Dog Crates

Very helpful support team!

They are very quick to respond, whenever an issue arises or if we have any questions regarding the plugin.

Would highly recommend


App is great for complex discounts and the service is fast.

Swimming Pool Discounters

This app allows us to do more types of promo combinations than any other app out there. Fast customer service and awesome lead developer help with any issues that come up. All apps have some issues, even the big ones but Discount Ninja is the best we've found.


I have been using this app for quite some time. It takes some time to learn but has a lot of options and configurations. Support is excellent, and they address all of my issues promptly.

Sun Ten