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Quantity breaks and discounts

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Offer volume discounts

DiscountDuck allows you to create volume discounts with multiple levels. The more your customers buy, the more discounts they get

Optimized interface

DiscountDuck interface has been optimized to be easy and fun to use for your customers. Try it on our demo store.

Sell more easily

Volume discount is a great proven way to increase your sales. DiscountDuck allows to create volume break in minutes and sell more easily.

Podrobnosti o DiscountDuck


DiscountDuck allows you to create volume discount with multiple levels. The more your customers buy, the more discounts they get.

DiscountDuck's interface has been optimized to be easy and fun for your customers to use. You can fully customize the interface from the configuration panel.


  • Create unlimited number of quantity breaks offers
  • Create multiple volume level with specific discount ( i.e : 5 bought=10% discount, 10 bought=20% discount ... )
  • Display different message for every discount level
  • Link your offers to unlimited number of products
  • Disable expired offers
  • Full customization of the store widget
  • Display the final price with discounts applied in cart
  • Update discount value in cart after modification
  • Connect your current quantity selector to DiscountDuck if needed


  • Light version features +
  • Create unlimited stackable discount codes
  • Create unlimited stackable automatic discounts
  • Apply discounts on all products or only a some products of your store
  • Create BXGY offers
  • Stack multiple discounts from all DiscountDuck offers on one product at checkout ( i.e : Quantity breaks + multiples discount codes + automatic discounts )


DiscountDuck is compatible out of the box with most of Shopify themes including :

  • Debut
  • Debut 2
  • Minimal
  • Simple
  • Venture
  • Express
  • Narrative
  • Label
  • Brooklyn
  • Debutify 2
  • Debutify 3
  • Empire
  • Motion
  • Venedor
  • Supply
  • Venue
  • Impulse

If your theme is not in the list, please contact us, we'll make it compatible free of charge for any theme listed on Shopify themes store.

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  • Zásady ochrany osobních údajů




  • Unlimited ∞ quantity break offers
  • Quantity breaks widget customization
  • Cart widget customization



  • Everything in free plan +
  • Unlimited ∞ discount codes
  • Unlimited ∞ automatic discounts
  • Stackable discounts
  • Integration with Shopify themes



  • Everything in premium plan +
  • Priority in support
  • Custome theme integration

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5.0 z pěti hvězd

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The tool does its job 100%. I'm very satisfied. It is very intuitive to use and you can design it as you like. I would give a 10 stars, but we have only 5

Happier Haus

This might be one of the best bulk discount apps there are available! Not only is it really dynamic, appealing, and completely functional, but the support they give is just world-class! And can you believe this one is for FREE??!! Honestly one of the best experiences with Shopify apps so far, and we've done our fair share of testing!

Healthy Environs

OMG I looked forever for a free app to add a discount when someone wanted to buy say 3 of the same product. Finally found it. Easy to set up and does what I want! Note to developer- if you could make it clearer when they reach the progress goal - ie congrats you have saved 10% etc on the product page. it would be perfect! ( it does show in the cart and check out) Thank you Discount duck!