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22 Mart 2023

It was good , up and down , next time it will be much better, and thanks for your help on every level and taking mine call and explaining how it works , i am very pleased with the service .

Home & Garden Sales Direct
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Doba Dropship yanıt 29 Mart 2023

Hello Home & Garden Sales Direct ,

Thank you so much for your feedback! We are always looking to improve, so your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact our customer service team if you ever have issues or recommendations on how we can improve our site.

30 Mart 2022

The App is easy to use with a lot of products sent within many regions around the world, although limited based on your account tier. You are also assigned an account manager which you can contact anytime. The monthly price is quite high especially for those starting off and i wish the API was free for all tiers.. This would help automate product price as it seems to fluctuate randomly; I'm now being told, you need to set alerts for these prices. Sort of defeats the purpose of the feature "Order Syncing" or any automation. It isn't automated unless you pay more for a higher tier... APIs should be free for all tiers as it's not your team developing and integrating this to my store...

Modern Day | Furniture
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Doba Dropship yanıt 30 Mart 2022

Hello Modern Day | Furniture,

My name is Whitney Hopkins and I am the Head of the Customer Relations Department at Doba. I am so glad to hear such great feedback from you about Doba, and I am also more than happy to help address the concerns listed as well.

I do understand that the monthly cost may be high, and I do apologize for that. Unfortunately we don't have a work around for the pricing, other than purchasing a quarterly or yearly plan, we discount those for you since you are purchasing up front and planning to be a long time customer with us.

The API that we offer does come with a cost because we do have a team that helps our customers and their developers trouble shoot any problems that happen, and that can sometimes be a very lengthy process.

The reason we only offer it to our Enterprise plan, is because a lot of our customers only use API if they are using a developer who can successfully utilize the API calls that we offer, as most customers especially those starting off, do not know coding and cannot utilize our API without a developer.

We do however partner with Inventory Source who will provide all of the automation for you, we have an Inventory Source plan that is a little cheaper than our Business plan, if you are interested in using Inventory Source to sync your items and orders from Doba to Shopify and vice versa, please feel free to contact my customer support team. They can help get your plan changed!

Order syncing is separate from pricing alerts. Order syncing syncs your orders from Shopfiy to Doba. The reason that you need to turn on the alerts for your items, is because Doba cannot sync the price changes that the supplier on Doba updates. The reason for this is that when listing to Shopify, more often than not you will mark up the price on the item you are selling, that way you can make money on your sales. Setting custom pricing makes it hard for us to sync the price updates, I do hope you understand the reasoning for this now.

One popular option to receive a daily update on pricing changes is our FTP which is free of charge, you just need to submit a request to support and we can get that created for you.

If you would like more education on our website and how to best use your Doba account and Shopify account together, feel free to contact my support team. You can contact us by email: or by phone: 801.682.4666

We also have a calendar link that you can use to schedule 1 on 1 training calls with a Doba support agent.

We look forward to hearing from you!

- Whitney

4 Mart 2023

But my orders are not on it but I can't source my damn orders from my Shopify store. Shopify makes this so hard to fulfill my store orders

Twisted X Store
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Doba Dropship yanıt 7 Mart 2023

Hello Twisted X Store,

Thank you so much for taking time to post your review. My name is Whitney and I am the Head of Operations and Business Development here at Doba.

I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying the business you are doing with Doba! I am sorry that you are struggling with your automatic order placement from Shopify to Doba. If you would like, you can contact my customer service team and they can help troubleshoot what is causing it to not work, and can help you get it set up to work properly.

Our customer service department is open Monday - Friday from 7am to 5pm MST. You can contact us via

Phone: 801.682.4666
Chat: Within your Doba account
Or you can schedule a call with us through this link:

I hope that this helps you!