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23. květen 2024

Fantastic App! The technical support and customer service are unparalleled. They are incredibly patient and supportive, genuinely aiming to assist you in boosting revenue. I’ve been extremely impressed with the results so far.

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3. leden 2024

Chaty made it unbelievably easy for our customers to get in touch with us through multiple messaging services— including WhatsApp, Messenger

Not only was it done in the time it would take to pour a glass of water, their customer support has been nothing short of amazing (thank you, Dandy!).

If you're looking for a way to make it easier for website visitors to contact you, I can't think of a better solution out there.

Goodies & Jollies
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9. leden 2024

Seamless integration and setup. It helps with clients when they require special attention and when you want to turn potential customers to actual customer.

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25. říjen 2023

Great customer service, really patient. They help me to set up everything. I gave 4 stars because they miss some features I looking for. They told me very soon we will have access to the features I'm looking for as(edit the whatsapp automation abandon cart, send more than one messages...)
Meanwhile, everything seems good right now and help a lot, I'll be right back to give 5 stars

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10. září 2023

Overall user-friendly design, making integration a breeze. It's perfect for users of all levels, offering simplicity and efficiency. A top choice for WhatsApp integration.

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20. září 2023

It is recommended for all new developers it is easy and accessible subscription is little bit more expensive but overall the app is good

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26. srpen 2023

because its amazing features tp help out to reach over customer so we are decline over return ratio

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9. leden 2024

This is the app we begineer e-com emergers need as it enhances the relation b/w buyers and sellers .. Thanks dondy whatsappp !!!

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21. červenec 2023

It's impressive how direct and personalized contact makes all the difference in the buying process. Also, the app is easy to use and the integration with the Shopify platform was seamless!

Trend Kanny
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Vývojář Dondy odpověděl 25. červenec 2023

Thank you for your beautiful and meaningful review. We at Dondy give our best to provide our costumes with the most advanced features in the market and the best customer support. We are glad you see and feel our hard work! Huge thanks!

26. listopad 2023

Excellent app! easy and simple to use. I recommend.

Modish Mall
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