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Datum úprav: 2. červenec 2023

While it says "Find" and merge duplicate accounts, there is not yet any service with which to find them - it does not suggest Doppelganger accounts for merging, you need to already know which accounts you want to merge.
I understand this is in development (and not easy!) so I look forward to testing the new app.

Team Teddy
Nový Zéland
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Vývojář Marquee Development odpověděl 30. červen 2023

Hi Team Teddy,

It so happens that we're currently building the feature you are looking for.
It's proving to be quite difficult and it's therefore taking some time but we're extra determined now because we want to do our best to perhaps turn this into a glowing review.

28. srpen 2023

Does NOT merge the customer. "links" them which does nothing on a search. You still have both customers

Collegiate Corner
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Vývojář Marquee Development odpověděl 30. srpen 2023

Doppelganger does have an actual merge functionality, but it might be a bit difficult to find.
It's true we do link accounts together. This stems from the time actual merging was not possible with Shopify. This was added later and the previous functionality of linking the accounts was kept for the merchants that use it.
Feel free to reach out and we'll be more than happy to show you how the app works.

10. leden 2022

Paul has been of great help. We use Doppelganger to fix customer issues when creating accounts with multiple email addresses, primarily when using our social login feature. We're glad to be doing business with you.

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12. únor 2022

I've just started using Doppleganger to help sort through the absurd number of duplicate accounts my store has. Paul has been very responsive to my questions, going to far as to make a video to walk me through adding an additional account to a merged group of accounts and how to unmerge a group of linked accounts - both of which are very easy to do.

Brim on Fifth
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6. leden 2022

Very easy to connect customers with multiple accounts. Like the new updates as well. Had an issue with app opening and working this week, sent an email to Paul and he immediately jumped in and worked with me until the issue was found and corrected. He stayed in touch and updated me just like he said he would. Thank you!

Meghan March Merch
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26. srpen 2022

I used this app to help me merge orders to the main customer profiles and delete the duplicate customer profiles. It was all part of a clean-up project to rid our customer list of duplicates. I ran into a problem with one profile. An order had some how been tagged to the main customer profile and duplicate customer profile. I reached out to Doopelganger support and within the hour Paul responded with a suggestion on how to correct the problem. I followed his suggestion and voila (like magic), Doopelganger was able to merge the order to the main customer profile and delete the duplicate. Doopelganger works like a champ and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you Paul!

Working Wardrobes SE
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2. listopad 2021

The app is brand new, thus no reviews yet it seems. The developer helped to fix issues asap and the app works perfectly for searching and merging duplicate customer data.

Nordqvist Tea
Doba používání aplikace: 9 minutami
1. březen 2022

Paul is unbelievable. The app wasn't exactly what I needed (for now) but he took the time to send me a detailed e-mail to try to help me out. Just fantastic customer service and a sign that he is truly invested in this app. You don't see that much these days!

Ghosts of Wall Street
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