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Bewerkt 1 september 2021

Really want to use this company but the prices are just way too high. A 26" wig costs $380 which is retail price not wholesale!!! How am I supposed to make a profit, no one is going to buy a 26" for $480 when there are plenty of websites that sell it way cheaper. No competitive pricing at all. You just want us to sell your products for you at this point.

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Dropship Beauty heeft geantwoord 1 september 2021

Hey there! Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and a worldwide shortage on longer length wigs, the pricing on any hair extensions or wigs above 26" inches have since then increased tremendously. We frequently send out newsletter emails to keep our customers updated on pricing. However, we have no control on the market demand and shortages for the current items. We apologize we can't be the company to assist you on your business ventures, but we do hope you find the vendor that will best fit your needs!

22 september 2019

All day I have been unable to log into the app. I keep getting the error message stating that the page is not available. My store is fairly new so I am relying on the photos and videos provided through the app for my marketing and now I am stuck. Emailed support this morning no response. Please help!!

Sacha Hair
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Dropship Beauty heeft geantwoord 23 september 2019

Hey! Terribly sorry you are having issues logging in. The easiest way is to log into your Shopify store and then go to Apps --> Dropship Beauty. Click the icon and it will auto-login your account. We answer all support tickets before the staff leaves on a daily basis. Please give us at least the current business day to reply before leaving a review saying we did not reply. If you have any follow-up questions feel free to click the support icon on the right side of every page of our sites. We would be happy to help.

26 februari 2019

This app is nothing but problems... tried using it on my store, paid all this money for them to create my logo in time for my store launching only to find out they claim they didnt receive my request correctly. After mentioning i was gonna write a review, my request magically appeared correctly and they refunded me half my money long after my business launch date. fast forward to placing an order on my store for me to dropship it, again only to find out its just error messages. contacted these people and they hit me with some crazy, stupid excuse how much they are going to need to contact developer to see whats going on. These people do not care! do not do business with them unless u want to fail miserably. last thing, wish I could give no stars!

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23 juni 2020

Terrible service and lack of communication. I reached out to them and they decided to send out my products with no logos. They failed to communicate with me.

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Dropship Beauty heeft geantwoord 23 juni 2020

Thank you for your review. Upon signing up and installing our app, we provide free Hair University courses and FAQ pages that enlist how our services work, including branding services. As stated in our Hair University courses and our FAQ pages, you have the option to either send your own branding or purchase our custom branding materials as a separate fee, if you are a pro member. We even have specific guidelines on how you can do so on our app. If you did not read any of our guidelines and simply assumed that we automatically attach logos for every order, it is not our responsibility for whichever information you decide to read upon. We hope you find the company that best suits your needs, and we hope you understand that reading is fundamental when trying to start your own business.

Bewerkt 4 april 2019

I'm not rating the app I'm rating the company. They are not even selling us the hair at whole sale prices if you go on the web site and price check the hair they are selling the hair for a couple dollars more to us.

Caffeinated Goddess
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23 december 2018

I decided to delete the app and stop using it. Your price margins are not set up for users to make a reasonable profit at all. You give the option to charge between 1-2x your wholesale price. If I charged 1x the price, I make no profit. The only way I’d make equal to what I’m making you with each sale is to charge double, which was too high for the market. Even celebrity hair companies don’t charge as much as what the prices come out to with 2x. The dropshipping is not set up to benefit us... we’d be better off eliminating the middle man and going directly to the source for hair to cut wholesale pricing and increase take home. On top of that, I was still charged after deleting the app.

Diamond Nation Hair Collection
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11 mei 2019

You are better off without this app. The items are very limiting. The photos provided are very low quality. Communication was poor.

Brooke Vanity
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8 dagen gebruiken de app
Dropship Beauty heeft geantwoord 4 juli 2019

Thank you for your insight and review. We do apologize for any inconveniences. For item limitations, we do have three different membership plans which will determine the kinds of perks and access you will have on our app. We do see that you were only on the free Basic Plan. If you would like to have access to the additional product photos and videos in higher quality, you can upgrade as an advanced or pro member. For concerns regarding communications, we don't see any attempts from you reaching out to us other than a custom branding form that you submitted on the app. With the form, we did reach out to you immediately with questions regarding the specificity of your branding, but you did not respond to it at all. We try our best to communicate to our customers by all means, but we cannot make further progression on your concerns if we do not hear back from you. We hope that you are able to find the company that best suits your needs. You are more than welcome to email or call us with the contact information provided on this app.

Bewerkt 23 juni 2023

The app does not upload to Shopify I’ve been waiting for hours still no intergration. And there is no one to talk to. I was very excited to get started but now thinking twice about using this service since reading the reviews I just upgrade to pro and see very little difference actually I think I’m over it. I did everything I was supposed to the app is not working. They respond on here quicker than they fixed my problem

Lady Priceless
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Dropship Beauty heeft geantwoord 23 juni 2023


We apologize for the confusion you have experienced we see that you emailed us today and we are currently responding. Since you chose the manual method once you have installed the app to your store you will need to select which products you wish to import and at what price multiplier before the products will begin to install.

7 november 2019

Great idea ,terrible service ...i upgraded to pro plan expecting to see pictures and a video of model wearing the product but i was wrong.How do you expect this to without a real human wearing the product. waste of time and money

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Dropship Beauty heeft geantwoord 9 november 2019

Hey! You are correct, we currently do not offer photos of models wearing the product, just tons of product photos. We don't state that we offer model photos so I am sorry we did not meet your expectations of something we did not state we currently offer.

27 april 2023

I am so disappointed and saddened by the fact that this is a scam. Please check their website to see for yourself they are dropshiping hair at the same cost they have on there website

for example is the same cost as on this app. I got the premium membership for '' additional pictures and videos' which is just more hair draped badly on mannequins, not a single model photo. Premium also had the advantage of branding your hair which I then realise it is for an additional extortionate cost. They have hair care products still in their generic containers without a label as dropship items and I question the quality of the hair If the owner was willing to deceive on this level.

Really wish I had read the reviews first I am completely shocked at how bad this experience is.

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