Easy Shipping Bar

Easy Shipping Bar

od Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd

Offer shipping to increase your average revenue and boost

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Podrobnosti o Easy Shipping Bar

Why Easy Free Shipping Bar?

  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Offer free shipping to increase your average revenue and boost your sales.
  • Fully customizable and easy to setup.

If in your online store you like to display specific buttons like "Free Shipping" or Discount Offers for some of your products, or you just want to display the total cart amount in a concise manner, a sleek slide out bar can just do the needful. Easy Shipping Bar will provide an ideal solution to give a boost to your sales with the most helpful shopper friendly features.

  • Easy Shipping Bar is a concise slide out bar that can help you display all shopping friendly buttons like ‘Discount’, ‘Free Shipping’ etc.
  • It can help informing your audience about the latest promotion and thus can play active role in boosting sales.
  • A slide out bar like our Easy Shipping Bar can also show the total cart amount to the buyers. This helps the buyers to decide and choose products as per budget.

How Easy Shipping Bar stands apart from the rest?

Our slide-out Easy Shipping Bar stands out in ease of use and attention grabbing design from many others. Here are the key aspects of this shipping bar.

  • This awesome shipping bar helps you boost the value of average order and sales figure.
  • This shipping bar is thoroughly customizable and can be setup easily.
  • It offers a very consistent and responsive look and feel across the devices including phone, tablet and desktop.
  • It comes with a stripped off, minimalist and professional look to allow easy interaction.
  • It is also available with an array of themes to address the audience on various special days and events.

You can try the demo first

Do you want to know how this shipping bar can actually help you boosting your sales? Well, you can opt for a demo before finally deciding to include this bar in your online store. As consumers worldwide these days expect free shipping while buying some items, such shipping bar can easily motivate them to buy the product. According to latest statistics a whopping 88% of consumers are more likely to buy from a site offering free shipping. Apart from this, displaying discount and total cart value are also beneficial to boost sales and build loyalty. Our easy to interact Easy Shipping Bar can easily introduce all these features and buttons in a user friendly way.

Easy Shipping Bar offers Progressive Notifications

The best thing about Easy Shipping Bar is that it progressively responses to the consumer interactions. With every product chosen and added to the cart, the total card value and respective offers for the same are displayed leaving no gray zone in communication.

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Excellent app and great customer service. They resolved my issues by customizing the details as per my request. Would recommend.

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Works nicely and it's free! At first, I had a visual bug where there would be a white space between the bar and my theme. Adjusting the padding in the settings fixed everything. Great app!

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installed it. set up in 3 minutes. works like a charm. its free. what more can you ask for ! thx guys. great app.