Local Delivery Routes Planner

Local Delivery Routes Planner

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Create & share multiple optimized delivery routes in seconds!

Step 1: Select Orders ✅

Select your orders and hit the "Create New Route" button! We'll generate route maps, optimized stop lists, and route inventories.

Step 2: Edit/Review ✏️

Review your optimized routes. You can edit and re-order your stops or add in custom stops or last-minute orders.

Step 3: Share/Deliver! 📦

Share your routes with your drivers or use our mobile-friendly driver mode to go out and deliver on your own.

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Save Time & Money Planning

Our delivery management app that makes it simple to plan a delivery route. You can then take your routes and share them with drivers, or you can use our mobile-friendly driver mode to deliver them yourself.

We integrate seamlessly with Shopify and your store's orders. There is no more need to spend time exporting and importing spreadsheets. Simply select the orders you want to deliver, and we will determine the most efficient route to deliver your products.

Fully Editable Routes

Need to make any changes? No problem! We have a full suite of edit tools so you can customize the route to your heart's content. You can add and edit stops, rearrange stops by dragging and dropping, and even split your orders off into another route.

When you have finished any edits and are satisfied with your routes, you can then head out to deliver them yourself, or you can share links to the routes with your drivers.

Easy to Share

Dispatching routes to your drivers is easy. You can send routes by copying and pasting a link, or use our shortcuts to send the route by email, SMS/text message, or even WhatsApp. All shared links go to our mobile-friendly Driver View which has been designed to be easy-to-use while in a vehicle.

For shared routes, we generate a secure link that auto-expires after 48 hours. There is no need to set up native iOS or Android apps because our app works on any internet-connected phone or tablet with a web-browser!

Mobile-friendly Driver View

Driver view has been designed to put all the information and controls you or your driver needs right at your fingertips. It allows your delivery staff to navigate stop-by-stop using their favourite app for driving directions.

From the road, drivers can mark orders as Out for Delivery, Delivered, or Attempted Delivery and your customers can be notified for each of these events. Drivers can also see any important delivery notes and what items they are delivering. They can attach multiple photos as proof of delivery. They can even call or text a customer with the tap of a button.

How is this different to Shopify’s Local Delivery app?

  • Make routes from all your orders, not just the ones marked "local delivery".
  • You can create multiple routes in one go.
  • We offer proof of delivery photos and notes for peace of mind.
  • You can put delivery and pickup orders on the same route.
  • We support more than 100 stops.
  • Send your next stop to Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps.
  • Add custom stops from outside of Shopify
  • Set a time per stop
  • See Drive times and ETAs
  • Schedule routes for the future
  • See and fix bad addresses
  • Customizable tables and views
  • Import addresses via spreadsheet



Free Plan


  • For those just getting started!
  • Routes for 50 orders/month
  • Plan for 10 orders at once

Solo Plan


  • Do your own deliveries!
  • Routes for 100 orders/month
  • Plan for 25 orders at once

Pro Plans


  • Share routes with drivers!
  • Routes for 750 orders/month
  • Create routes for 5 vehicles/150 orders at once

Growth Plans


  • Run your delivery fleet!
  • Routes for 1500+ orders/month
  • Create routes for 10 vehicles, 250 orders at once
  • Advanced features

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Medalist Feed

I use this app to help me plan out deliveries, and with their most recent update, it's absolutely amazing. If you do your own deliveries, this app will save you sooooo much time.

Butter & Crust

Great product for small businesses who run delivery themselves. Works very nicely with Shopify admin and Shopify notifications. EasyRoutes has saved me significant amount of time generating routes, improved the customer experience by providing them with out for delivery notifications and tracking links, and has saved me time on order management/admin by updating the orders fulfilment status as and when they are delivered through the app. The support is very good and they are quick to iterate the product in line with customer suggestions. Top work team.

Lit Canteen

I needed a routing app to save me hours of route planning for my drivers. This app came to the rescue and did the routing automatically for me, giving me back hours. The Team at roundtrip were responsive to help me get started and getting my drivers using the routing tool. Even more positively surprising was that my feedback for UI improvements was taken on board and implemented also within days. I definitely would recommend this app and working with the team!