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25. prosinec 2023

The Etsy integration app is amazing. however, this one not so much. I've literary spent all Christmas weekend trying to stop this app from posting listings that were already linked to products & listing that I've deleted directly from Ebay and Shopify. I'm now out $60 in the span of 3 days just from one listing that wont go away and gets uploaded multiple times a day, after removing it. The app also wont let me disconnect my EBay account which is very concerning

Exxtended Image Hair Co
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31. říjen 2023

Surya S. was very help and walked me thru the process. Very easy app to figure out and undertand. Highly recommend.

WRD Super Center
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Datum úprav: 16. listopad 2023

we would like to add a new look to our previous review
the company reached out to us and we have given them a second chance.
the app is working as promised. like any app there is room for improvement. i wish all my old eBay listings would have been able to sync with the the website instead of creating new listings. to try and do a work around i chose to delete my eBay listings and send my Shopify listings back (all of these were created when eBay had there own app) all was good except i have to change 300 listing titles cause the system said i already had that name used even though all those listings had been deleted.
the app still needs some work to be where i would like it but i am going to keep trying it.

Carolina Creations llc
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7. listopad 2023

The app does great things and so do their customer service team! Nimal was extremely helpful, thank you very much.

Cam's Leather Seats
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27. prosinec 2023

I think this is a great and I have found nirmal exremely helpful and easy to do.

hopefully I sell lots, thank you

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9. červenec 2024

This app is fantastic! I was really impressed by the support and assistance provided, as well as how the app functions. I particularly appreciated learning about the single source of truth within the application’s functionality.

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13. říjen 2023

Great app and very kind support. Even I live in Japan, I can connect to the support team easily.

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13. prosinec 2023

Eine gute App und ein perfekter schneller Service (Nirmal).
Einfache Bedienung und schneller upload.

Grüße Frank

Die Wunschkiste
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1. září 2023

Thank you for the service and patience while uploading my products to Ebay. Also good to see that my feedback for app improvements are valued.

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8. listopad 2023

This app works flawlessly, and the support team responds quickly and solves problems quickly. All you have to do is set it up properly and you won't have any problems. The person who left a 1-star review saying that it screwed up the SKUs, it's because he didn't set it up correctly. I updated over 300 items at once and it didn't screw anything up.

The reason I'm uninstalling is because unfortunately, the app doesn't upload videos. So, if you have videos in your listings, you will have to upload those separately, and manually on your own. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for me.

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