Easy Ecommerce Poll

Easy Ecommerce Poll

od Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd

Customizable poll for collecting customer survey easily.

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Fully Customizable Design

With a fully customizable design, Easy Poll will fit the design of your site. Choose colors, size, fonts.

Result Options

We provide two type poll result view. Chart based result and Image based result.

Easy install without coding

Easy install without coding

Podrobnosti o Easy Ecommerce Poll

Ask what’s up in your head anytime.

Collecting the user experience and review from user helps in making eCommerce store successful. So we Metizsoft introduce Easy Ecommerce Poll.

Easy Ecommerce poll is used to collect information through a particular poll, which can be placed where you want. This Shopify App can be embedded anywhere or anyplace you want to put.

Easy Ecommerce Poll features.

  • Simple and easy to use and install.
  • Create unlimited polls of your choice.
  • Customizability for user to create poll.

Create your own poll in the pick of time.

You can place Poll App in two main ways Standard and Image. Just some few simple method and you are ready to use the app. Standard option in Easy Ecommerce Poll in which a graphic based structure is used, which helps you in the better understanding of the data in various graphics types. Image option in Easy Ecommerce Poll is used to take data with the support of image in the poll.

Just simple ways to install and use the Poll App

  • Begin with the Selecting the type of poll you want to create.
  • Once you selected the type of poll you want to create, Customize your poll, includes questions, Options, Font Family, Color.
  • Once you have completed your customization you need to select position setting. Use Auto or Custom Position.
  • Finally, place the shot code (it will be generated automatically after selecting your choices) after the in the section you want to apply Poll.

Just simple guideline and you are good to use our app.

Once your poll is live you will receive the selection data on the front end after selecting your choice, also talking about the back end part (Admin) total vote per option and poll will be displayed on the admin screen.

For More Support and Information You can visit your site or check the support details on the page.

Easy ecommerce polls

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Free customizable poll for eCommerce merchants to collect customer survey easily.

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