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26. únor 2020

je désire tester application est aucun jour gratuit ! je n'ai pas suis facturé de suis 5€ ...

Doba používání aplikace: 24 hodinami
Vývojář Elfsight odpověděl 26. únor 2020


Merci de nous avoir contacté!

Je suis vraiment désolé que vous n'ayez pas utilisé votre essai gratuit. Cela est dû au fait que vous avez probablement appuyé sur Accepter les frais. Ce bouton est là pour vous permettre de payer l'application avant la fin de l'essai gratuit, et lorsque vous appuyez dessus, vous êtes facturé immédiatement.

Nous serons heureux de vous rembourser ces frais. Nos transactions financières sont traitées du côté Shopify, vous devrez donc contacter le support Shopify pour obtenir un remboursement. Veuillez le faire et nous l'approuverons immédiatement pour vous.

Je vous remercie!

Datum úprav: 21. únor 2020

Was supposed to get a 7-day free trial, but this company billed me the full amount - even after I deleted the app not more than 20 mins later. I NEVER accepted any charges as claimed by
Elfsight and it was an absolute pain to get the charges dropped off my bill from Shopify without having to send ENDLESS back and forth emails. It took two days before Elfsight gave Shopify authorization to credit me so it wasn’t “prompt”. I deleted this app immediately after installing because I found a better app that wasn’t complicated like Elfsight.

Tube Top Company
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Doba používání aplikace: 4 minutami
Vývojář Elfsight odpověděl 19. únor 2020

Hey there,
We’re very sorry about this misunderstanding.
We don’t actually charge our customers, Shopify processes all our financial transactions.
Also, we’ve checked our records, just in case, and we didn’t see any payments from you.
We absolutely agree that it’s unfair to pay for an app you haven’t used, and we’ll be happy to take a closer look into the situation. Would it be an option for you to message us at and send us a screenshot of your invoice, so that we can check this with Shopify?
Thank you for your time!

Update: With the way our app works, you have 7 days of free trial. So you can use the app for free during these 7 days, without making any payments.

However, we also offer the option of accepting the charges for the app before your trial is over, to make sure that the app is still displayed on your website after the trial is over. It’s up to our customer to accept the charges before the trial is over, or not. So if you enjoy our app, you can accept the charges before the end of the trial period.

In this specific case, the customer has accepted charges before having tested our app, and it was the customer’s decision to do so. This wasn’t a fraudulent charge, the customer has agreed to make the payment.
The customer has requested Shopify for a refund, and we promptly approved the refund on our side.