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8. březen 2023

Excellent service. We have seen a significant increase in our retargeting ROAS on Facebook. I highly recommend trying Enhencer.

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1. únor 2023

We have been using Enhencer audiences for a few months and have increased the efficiency of our remarketing campaigns in a short time by targeting the most valuable of our website visitors. We appreciate the quick integration and the attention of the support team. We can definitely recommend Enhencer to all e-commerce businesses :)

Paul Kenzie
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1. únor 2023

So easy-to-use app and integration quickly done. It determined our target audience for Facebook and Google ads automatically and I am very satisfied with the increasing ROAS. The results are amazing with Shopify, so definitely recommend it.

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19. prosinec 2022

Enhencer gerçekten inanılmaz bir işi başarıyor. 4 Aydır kullanıyoruz şunda tüm satışlarımızı yalnızca Enhencer ve Enhencer benzer kitlelerinden alabiliyoruz. Harikalar. Mutlaka tavsiye ederim.

Yaris Note
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30. listopad 2022

This app helps us to create better targeted audiences for Facebook and Google Ads. Give it some time (a couple of months) and you will see improved results for sure. Besides that, support is also great from a.o. Onur and Tayib. They will help you to make sure your campaigns will perform at their best. Greets, Olaf from IMPERIO Cosmetics

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14. říjen 2022

Since we started using Enhencer, our campaign performance has improved a lot. We have started seeing more conversions from our campaigns, and as a result, campaign revenue has also increased. As the cherry on top, Enhencer does this automatically, saving a lot of time for our team to focus on other things. We would happily recommend Enhencer to all e-commerce who want to improve their campaign performances.

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27. září 2022

Enhencer uygulaması kampanyalarımızda ciddi bir dönüşüm katkısı oldu. 6 aydır kullanıyoruz. Şu ana kadar her şey iyi.

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16. září 2022

So far, I may say that it is a very helpful app in terms of building right audience for social media adds. The team follows you and your decisions to make necessary adjustments in relation with the adds' performances. Highly recommended.

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31. květen 2022

When compared to other companies, we are selling more products through enhancer. ENHANCER is beneficial. Making data-driven decisions through extensive segmentation
ENHANCER is assisting the business in growing and users in finding the best matches for them. It's an incredible platform, and the team has been nothing but helpful.

WWF Market
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9. březen 2022

It is a very easy and affordable tool. We are glad to have used it. Enhencer has made the target audience selection for our ad campaigns very easy and automatic. Using their curated target audience, our retargeting campaign ROAS has more than tripled. Consequently, We are happy to be able to say that our Shopify store's sales have improved significantly.

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