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28. únor 2024

We have been using Fast Bundle for over a year now. We needed an app that could do pre-built bundles while still supporting individual SKUs at checkout (our fulfilment will not work with virtual bundle SKUs).

Has always worked really well for us and their support is blazing fast!

Proof - Staging
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Vývojář Fast Bundle odpověděl 6. březen 2024

Thrilled Fast Bundle's pre-built bundles and individual SKU support, along with our rapid support, proved transformative for your operations. Thanks for emphasizing our impact!

20. březen 2024

Well made Bundler tool that allow me to create any groupings of products I need. When I did encounter an issue, I reached out via chat, and they resolved my concern in a few minutes. Great App, even better customer service.

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Vývojář Fast Bundle odpověděl 22. březen 2024

Scentsational news!
We're thrilled to have bundled up solutions and aromas just for you. Thanks for sharing the love—our team is always here to ensure every note is in perfect harmony. 💐

4. duben 2024

Extremely comprehensive, easy to set up, with a very attractive design. The team is incredibly responsive and efficient, adding features within minutes of a request, so the customer service is perfect. A big thank you to Jasmine for his quick and effective assistance.

Cuisine Divin
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Vývojář Fast Bundle odpověděl 7. duben 2024

Thanks for your praise!
Glad our design, ease of setup, and Jasmine's rapid assistance hit the mark. Your feedback energizes our commitment to exceptional service!

24. únor 2024

I've tried all of the top bundle apps and this is the best one. The new widget/pop up that is in beta is great because it allows you to keep the product pages clean and simple.

The one negative is the limitations of customizations that can be done by yourself in their customizer. However you can chat with support and they will make these changes almost instantaneously. Its just a hassle needed to communicate all the changes you need with tech support and makes playing around with customizations difficult.

Either way, its the best bundle app out there!

Rule Of Threads
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Vývojář Fast Bundle odpověděl 1. březen 2024

Thank you for your insightful review!

We're thrilled to hear our app tops your list and that our new widget/pop-up feature has enhanced your product pages.

We understand the concerns about customization limitations and appreciate your patience in working with our support team for swift changes.

Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to improve user autonomy over customizations. Thanks for considering us the best bundle app out there!

1. březen 2024

If you are looking for a user friendly, revenue driven bundle app, this is it! The app is very easy to use to create all the unique bundles to increase sales. The customer service is also a plus. The team at fast bundle is very professional, friendly, responsive and supportive. This is our second year using the app! 10/10 great experience

Curated By Phoenix
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Vývojář Fast Bundle odpověděl 7. březen 2024

Big thanks for spotlighting our user-friendly, sales-boosting app and top-notch customer service.
We're over the moon knowing we've supported your success for two years, especially in showcasing your exquisite photo props.
Your craft truly turns moments into art.🎨
Here's to more remarkable milestones together—cheers to keeping it 10/10!🙌

Datum úprav: 24. březen 2024

For Shopify store owners in search of an effective solution to streamline product bundles, Fast Bundle stands out as a highly recommended choice. One of its key features, "Bundle as a Product," directly addresses the need for a more cohesive and streamlined bundling process, enabling businesses to enhance their product offerings and potentially increase sales. Additionally, Fast Bundle's compatibility with Pagefly allows for effortless integration of bundles into custom landing pages, further expanding its utility and improving the overall shopping experience.

The exceptional customer support provided by Fast Bundle sets it apart, with personalized assistance readily available. For instance, Jasmine and Tahoura from the Fast Bundle team have been notably helpful, assisting store owners with custom design modifications and ensuring that the app not only meets but exceeds their unique requirements. This level of support is invaluable, offering peace of mind and the freedom to customize the app to fit specific design visions and functional needs.

Another significant advantage of Fast Bundle is its user interface, which is among the most intuitive and user-friendly designs available for Shopify bundling apps. Its clear layout simplifies the process of understanding and utilizing bundle options, making it an accessible tool for store owners of all skill levels. This ease of use is essential, minimizing the learning curve for new users and enabling quick and efficient implementation of product bundling strategies.

In essence, Fast Bundle, supported by a dedicated team including professionals like Jasmine and Tahoura, offers a comprehensive solution for Shopify store owners looking to leverage product bundling. Its blend of functionality, seamless integration capabilities, exceptional customer support, and a user-friendly interface make it a top contender for anyone aiming to enrich their product offerings and enhance the customer shopping experience

East Coast Supplements
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Vývojář Fast Bundle odpověděl 3. únor 2024

We're thrilled to hear that Fast Bundle meets all your needs, especially for 'Bundle as a product' and integration with your landing pages via Pagefly.

It's fantastic to know that Jasmine could assist with your custom design tweaks, and your feedback on our user interface is greatly appreciated.

We aim to offer the best experience and are glad to have made a positive impact on your Shopify store.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and for choosing Fast Bundle!

3. duben 2024

What a great Bundle App. I needed an attractive way to reward customers that purchased multiple items. Other Volume Discount apps I've tried lack the style that Fast Bundles has. I also needed to feature a Mix & Match product, and Fast Bundles handles that well too. I'm impressed. And their support has been responsive to a request that I had regarding our plan.
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Vývojář Fast Bundle odpověděl 7. duben 2024

Thank you for your kind words!
We're glad Fast Bundles fits your needs perfectly and that our support could help. Your feedback means the world to us!

17. únor 2024

Support is good, especially Jay! He's good at explaining things making it easier to understand. Relatively to easy to use. During the set up, support was very helpful.You have a lot of varieties of bundles to choose from. My AOV increased after using this app.Which I am very happy about. So you should just give it a try.

Kueh Lapis By Mom
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13. březen 2024

Very impressed with the fast bundle app. we had been looking for a long time for an app that allowed the individual SKUs to pull into our inventory management system. The team at Fast Bundle go above and beyond. The customer service is amazing. They have responded to any request/question very quickly and always come up with a solution. Very impressed with the app so far!

AWWA Period Care
Nový Zéland
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31. leden 2024

Easy to setup and use. Easy for customers to view and add to cart. Love how quick and easy this is, and when I had a question- their team got back to me right away. Glad I went with this app :)

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Vývojář Fast Bundle odpověděl 4. únor 2024

Thank you for the glowing review!
Delighted to hear our app's ease of use and quick support hit the mark. Your satisfaction fuels our drive—here whenever you need us!