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30. srpen 2021

not working 100%. Many mistakes and not able to make style changes easy without writing code. Also you can not translate all text just parts.

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Vývojář Fast Bundle odpověděl 6. září 2021

Dear friends in Collory shop

I wish to apologize for the inconvenience you faced when working with our service. We appreciate the feedback you gave us with your review. It will help us immensely to improve our service.

I sent you an email and explained the reasons that led to your unpleasant experience but I think it might be helpful for other visitors of your review if we mention some of them here:

1. To be honest, we found out that we had missed 2 messages from you on our chatbot, which was because the person in charge at that time was not available and forgot to change his status. Although we replied to your email, we are very sorry for this inconvenience and our rookie mistake of missing the chat.

2. It seems you needed some style changes, like changing your bundles' positions, which you couldn’t achieve on your own. A lot of the style customizations are not available in the admin panel to keep the panel simple. Instead, our support team handles the detailed customization requests.

3. Lately, the style change requests in our support service have increased considerably and as a result, we have decided to redesign the admin panel so that we can add more style change options to our admin panel. This redesign will be released in a few weeks.

4. You needed to translate some parts of the cart pop-up but you couldn’t. I think the reason is that the translation of the cart pop-up’s sections was in another part of the app's admin panel (not in the customization tab). It’s on the cart pop-up section of the Options tab in the admin panel.

5. You needed to show your bundles at the checkout. We don't have this option in our app because Shopify doesn't let us add any elements to the checkout page. Shopify plans to grant this access to apps in its new themes’ options. As soon as Shopify releases this new option, we will also add this feature to Fast Bundle.

At last, we want to apologize again for your unpleasant experience and thank you for your detailed feedback.

With regards
Product Manager of Fast Bundle