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9 agosto 2023

Don’t download it, didn’t even use it, I delete it after less than a day because of better options on the market and its charging me 60 usd

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Feefo Holdings Limited ha risposto 11 agosto 2023

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and taking the time to leave a review. We're sorry to hear that our Shopify App didn't meet your expectations. We appreciate that there are various options available on the market that might suit your needs better.

To ensure that our customers are happy with the Feefo app and integration before they commit to a full plan, we offer a free trial plan which offers all of the benefits of the full subscription but with a restricted volume of feedback requests. However, we do not offer a $60 plan, we only offer a free or $44 per month plan. If you could send us proof of the $60 cost, we will investigate this further as this is not correct. Please email support@feefo.com.

Thanks again for considering our app.

24 novembre 2020

This app is fraud unfortunatly I deleted other apps and kept this one for reviews , They say in FREE version you get : 150 free feedback request emails in the first month (50 emails a month thereafter)
This is a lie, after one month none of the features are working, and you must upgrade to use the app, which is not mentioned in free version description.
Support service is very slow, conversations took over an hours back and forth.
I had to uninstall

Alep Jewellery
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20 agosto 2018

For an app that 'easily integrates' it easily unintegrates too.

Paid for this for months without getting any of the organic stars.

Highlighted how these have disappeared 6 months ago. While I got attentive service, nothing of any substance changed.

Today I ask again and a different person understands the issue. When I have asked them to tweak the script itself on our site to make it work, the least they can do for the hundreds and hundreds of pounds we have paid for the app; they aren't willing to do.

Feedback Rebates from Virthium however are only too happy to jump on and help out, as are many shopify app developers. We don't have a development team - we aren't a large company. But from what I can advise is Feefo is not worth it for an SME. Plenty of other options available

Vape Juice
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Data modifica: 22 maggio 2018

It says: "What You Get: A lot! Install our Shopify plugin and you get these features absolutely free".... AND it says "for no monthly fee"
I just added it and it says I have 31 days left on the trial. LIES and fraudulent.
AND when you click to extend it wont even tell you a price.
For all I know it's only $10 (but doubt it... that's why they hide it)....
Don't say it's ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Just Ask Parker
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