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27. říjen 2022

I have used this app very successfully for the past 2 years without problem. However over the last 48 hours I struck a problem uploading files - FApp told me the files were successfully uploaded and I went ahead and attached them to my products - without any warning that the files were "created" but not in fact "uplpaded". So when I sent the email out with the updated files (to over 300 customers), they were unable to download because the files were not there. FApp told me the problem was the browser at my end. I cleared the settings of all browsers without luck. I then got our IT guys involved (at $$) who also could not upload using their computers. Long story short after 2 days FApp tells me it was a naming issue (I had "+" symbol in the name). My very first ticket I asked if it was a naming issue and this seem to be ignored. In the mean time I had some very frustrated customers and FApp seemed to have no sense of urgency re my issue. Good app but poor customer service (particularly untimely) in times of need.

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19. květen 2022

The app was working fine for 3 months even though the GUI design is sloppy and looks old, but now suddenly does not deliver the license key to my customers or shows new orders in the order section. I've been dealing with all and sending everything manually because it just stop working. Also today I found that I can not login to my account with them. Whatever is going on if they fix it, I get back to using it but for now, I when with the competitor.

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Vývojář FetchApp odpověděl 20. květen 2022

I'm so sorry to hear about these issues! We would be happy to assist if you'd like to open a ticket with support@fetchapp.com.

Datum úprav: 7. únor 2018

I have mixed feelings about this app..so much so that this is the first 3 star review I've made. When the app works it does an amazing job!

Here are the pros of fetchapp;

-It's free unless you need to use their storage. We do not need much storage so this has been the cheapest option so far.

-The app tells you if you have duplicate licenses within a single product. While most apps have this feature, I still consider this a pro.

-Importing and syncing products to your website is super easy.

-Customer Support has been helpful in the small number of times we have needed some assistance

Now here are the cons

-Removing licenses from a product is super tedious...unless you delete that product from fetchapp.

-There is no option to select how many license keys are distributed per order.

-Downloads are limited to 100 licenses per order. This is a HUGE issue for me. Some orders have contained as many as 1000 licenses. It is a major pain trying to remove the licenses from the app and manually send them to the customer. This was a deal breaker.

-Down times for the app were more common with fetchapp than it has been with other applications we have used.

-We used a custom email template to take away all of the unnecessary clutter this app comes default with. Sometimes the email template doesn't work like it's suppose to. All of the blame can't fall onto fetch app..but the preview of the template should do a better job of being consistent. Basically, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. How convenient...

-This app just like every other app is designed with all digital downloads in mind. Sort of a universal fit to it. This works great for most businesses..However, if you need an app strictly for license keys (and not an actual download like a picture or music) well good luck finding one that works efficiently.

So to summarize - This app may or may not fit your needs. While it isn't a bad application, it is not what we need in order to operate this business efficiently.

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