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18. květen 2022

We use it for heat mapping the our store and then deciding on changing items above the fold. For example, what are real customers clicking on and why? How can we then achieve the best outcome, traffic, or sales from the best possible path? I can extract heatmaps as an image or share session recordings with my team members.

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19. prosinec 2022

It does what it says very well and reliably. It also appears to be nearly instantaneous to the live events. We faced an issue with the initial setup but the support was great!

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8. březen 2023

This is one of the BEST apps I've used from the Shopify store, a very affordable price for the level of service and setup you get. We've been able to run some really interesting tests and I have to say the support is phenomenal - there is a learning curve to setup specific tests but I always get a quick answer back and Reza has hopped on a Zoom call a few times with me to answer questions and offer white-glove service for setting up tests. I highly recommend this app for AB testing needs!

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16. květen 2022

We track our users like never before FigPii is a great tool to get necessary insights about customer use and journey. We can track our customers journey and improve it using heatmaps and session recording. Easy to use, gives insightful information about the users’ journey on our website

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