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8. leden 2024

This app is slowing down my website. My speed score went from the 70s to the upper 30s with Flits enabled.
I looked at their 5-star reviews to find other websites/stores that use this app, ran the sites through a page speed tool to see if it had a similar affect on other websites that use it.
The page speed tool I used has a place where you can see everything that loads when you visit a website, these sites I checked from the 5-star reviews do not have Flits on their page load map but my website does. Not sure how they managed this as the Flits code on mine is very prevalent on the map.

FancyB Press on Nails
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26. září 2023

DO NOT USE. if you need account authentication at all whatsoever, this app completely blocks reCAPTCHA from working. Per shopify customer support -->

"When reCAPTCHA v2 is engaged, the customer is referred to the 'Challenge' page. This page is not hosted in Shopify theme files or Admin - it is provided and managed by Google. Once the challenge has been successfully completed, the redirect looks for the customer account page. In this case, it looks like when that page is blank the fallback is to route back to the customer account login page.

I have also confirmed that other third-party customer account apps have a similar issue with v2 redirect. The problem is that Google's reCAPTCHA challenge page overrides the app's redirect settings, looks for the .liquid it is expecting, and then loops back to the login page.
You can consider customizing the customers/account.liquid file, instead of using third-party apps to provide your customer account features. Or, you may be able to request a custom version of the customer account apps that can be recognized by the reCAPTCHA challenge page redirect. Google does offer development documentation: Google Dev Support : reCAPTCHA Developer's Guide / Verifying the user's response."

This issue created over 1000 fake accounts and took heavily involving shopify plus customer support to rectify.

This app in general is not good. Very limited customization, almost nothing in custom CSS. Not only that but there is a lot better apps for the money that do not cause the recaptcha issue. Ditch this app and go with something else.

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Vývojář Flits odpověděl 29. září 2023

Hello Entrepreneur,

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we dropped the actual reason for this issue over the mail.

I hope this message finds you well. I want to extend my sincerest apologies for the recent experience you had with Flits. We understand how frustrating and disappointing it must have been for you, and for that, we are truly sorry, but please review the below points.

1 - Regarding Captcha  -I deeply reviewed your point but honestly, the Login/Signup page and it's a related process (Including Re-Captcha) is not from Flits' end, it is from Shopify's end and Flits is unable to control the same page, and process due to this, but still our tech team will help you for all feasible way, we can discuss with Shopify as well. 

2 - Regarding the Customisation CSS - Yes, regarding customization CSS, we will be glad to improve as per your brand color and other requirements for sure, please share with me. I can assign a dedicated developer to fulfill your requirements.

So, if you can spare some time for us, then we would like to invite you to a meeting call so that we can discuss the remaining points and try to help you better. So, if you are available then please share a time slot for any day you are available.

Awaiting your response.

Please connect at support@getflits.com

Thank you

5. září 2023

Can't uninstall any more, so bad

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Datum úprav: 17. duben 2024

Not recommended, they charge you for everything, very expensive. If you surpass the total customers, they will not warn you, so the features dissapear. They charge you more and more every time you surpass limit customers. It is a method to hold you with the app definetly. Do not use this app or they will catch you forever.

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26. červenec 2018

Very bad customer service, they do not care about our needs. I have written many times to their customer service, they respond every 8 hours, they only respond with a link where they can solve all the doubts. but if I'm asking for help it's because I tried that

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2. srpen 2018

Too greedy, $20 for adjusting credit?
I was happy with $5 plan and able to adjust/issue store credit previously, then i couldn't do the same with their new plan, learn how to do business first guys.

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Datum úprav: 5. prosinec 2018

Bugs should be this app not flits.
It takes support 7 years to reply, sadly 7 years is yet to complete.

Most ridiculous CS I have ever had to deal with. Wasted my money and time.

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Datum úprav: 28. srpen 2018

Just uninstall the app from my store - but the app remains active
Found bugs on customer account (didn t sum product quantity)
Please remove app from my store


How to uninstall code?
Created by: Alex Brown
Modified on: Wed, 22 Nov, 2017 at 1:19 AM

Please follow steps:

Please click on online store through Shopify left side navigation.
Please Go to theme section.You can see installed themes.
Click on action button of a theme in which you want to remove code.
From action button drop-down menu please select on edit code.
Please remove this code '{% include 'flits_snippet' %}' from a theme.liquid file
Please remove 'customers/account.liquid' file
Please rename 'customers/account-flits.liquid' file to 'customers/account.liquid'.
Please remove 'snippets/flits_snippet.liquid' file
Please remove 'assets/flits.css' file
Please remove 'assets/flits-account.js' file
Please remove 'assets/flits-cart.js' file
Please remove 'assets/flits-recently-view.js' file
Please go to Shopify apps section through Shopify left side navigation.
Uninstall flits from there.

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15. květen 2019

Useless app that hardly works, support is not existent. Do Not Recommend at all for any one interested!

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Vývojář Flits odpověděl 18. květen 2019

We're sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with our app. We have attempted to get in touch through the mail from live chat but you missed it. Please review your mail, I have sent with our all conversation screenshot.
As well you have rejected our store access request. We will try again.

As well as you missed to update add on which feature you are looking for. I will help you with that. Please get back through the mail.

29. srpen 2018

Needs to work on customer service, emailed them four times in two weeks never received a reply.
The app doesn't work, however, it leaves behind code in your theme.scss hidden that assumes you are using the app and app is in your customized setting section field.
I installed and uninstalled the app within an hour, once I noticed it did not work.
I need to report this to shopify, something is not right here.

The Art Gallery Nyc
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