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Works well and seems to be frequently adding functionality. A feature that would be great to have is actions to alter inventory levels as we currently have to manually manage inventory for bundles that consist of multiple SKUs.

Queen City Dry Goods

Have emailed several times asking for help with Shopify flows. The app allows custom flows but is extremely hard to sort out.

This is the response I am getting.
"While I understand the frustration - building a custom flow would be out of our scope of support. I'm not seeing a template that fits your entire situation. My best advice would be to first check with the community forums and if you can't find an answer there, then an Expert on the Marketplace would be your next best bet. I understand that is not the answer you were looking for. For this app, we would be able to guide you to templates, but not building custom flows"

Who is responsible for support on this app if it's not Shopify?

Steer clear....this app will only give you more headaches and waste your time and energy

Ativo Skincare Inc.
Shopifyが返信しました 2023年4月14日

Hi, thanks for the feedback. As you have found, Flow is a powerful tool for building customizations to Shopify. Unfortunately the Flow team cannot yet build customizations for all merchants using Flow because each customization requires some understanding of your specific store, apps, etc as well as your use case.

We are asking merchants to use the community where possible so that other merchants benefit when we give help. Try posting over here:

If you need is pretty straight-forward you'll likely get an answer there. If you have a complex need you may get connected to an agency who can help, or even find an app that does exactly what you need.


We have been using it for a couple months now to tag orders according to different criteria and it's been doing great for us so far.

Pack Turtle

One of the flows went off the rails and would not take ANY updates on our end and would not stop running even when we shut it off in admin.

Can you guess what Shopify Supports solution was? "Wait 3-days and reach out if it is still doing it". As you can guess this is pretty much unacceptable for an app that is making changes to orders/customers.

Flow Developers build in a way to reset the flows that doesn't take 3-days before you will even look at the issue!

Antique Candle Co.
Shopifyが返信しました 2023年3月13日

Hi, sorry that you are having difficulty with receiving emails. I personally reviewed the logs and found issues with your email provider, which our customer support team should have sent over to you. If you haven't heard anything yet, please contact our support again.


This app is great and useful. Shopify migrated things around and then provided crappy support on it after it migrated. Not to the fault of the app developer, they emailed me to tell me of the new fix. Happy with this app and it saves me time. I now know to reach out to the app developer and not Shopify for help from now on.

Kpop Omo
Shopifyが返信しました 2023年3月9日

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Flow's manual run "bulk" feature still works but you need to be on a resource list like Orders, Products, or Customers. Once you select something, Flow's Run Flow Automation link will be available under the "..." icon in the black toolbar.


Needed to differentiate between POS and online customers via a tagging system. All apps that would do this required payment but this is done automatically via flows for free! Thanks!

Clues Fashion
Shopifyが返信しました 2023年3月9日

Great, thanks for the review!


Can't do basic things such as update the item's weight, set HS Code designation upon publishing. or set "Continue selling when out of stock" to True. Basic, Shopify-native things. Weak.

Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

The biggest problems are:

When you use variables to create conditions, you don't have access to those values in other steps, so you have to recreate all your logic in each step of the flow. For example, if I have a conditional that checks for a certain metafield key in your order line items skus, then in your action step, you'll need to recheck for that key using all the same logic. You can't pass values from one step to another. Which defeats the purpose of a conditional in most cases: if X, then do Y (to X). But X isn't accessible, so your flow actually goes if X, then if X do Y.

Also, you can use variables for things like metafield keys, but the app will throw an error saying the key is too long. But really, it's long because it's using liquid conditionals and loops, not because the actual value is long, which doesn't make sense.

Rad & Happy

Cant even automate printing a Packing slip for the orders as they come in! Reached out for help and was told that its a great idea and they will take it under consideration in the future.

S&S Electrical Supply
Shopifyが返信しました 2022年12月13日

Hi, thanks for the review. What you are trying to do requires a specific action for just your printer and depends on your printer capabilities. Most likely, you need software that runs on your network that talks to the printer (assuming it's not available outside your network where Flow can access it). You may also be able to email things to the printer in order to get it to auto-print. You could send that email via Flow or something else. I suspect the best solution is software that runs on a local computer that connects directly to the printer.


Incredibly basic and does not offer anything I was looking for.
(Send email to customer after X days for example)
Shopifyが返信しました 2022年10月29日

Hi, thanks for the review. You may want to take another look - Flow is powering the experience under Marketing > Automations, where you will find the ability to email Customers.