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great app, makes Shopify the greatest e-commerce CMS so far. but come on, send me an e-mail or a slack alert when a flow script makes an error !

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Flow is classic Shopify. It's usable but mostly frustrating. It does some things but not generally enough things. It's slow. It's clunky. It breaks a lot. There's not enough documentation for it. At least it's free.


Works well and is reliable, but I wish it could do more. It always feels it can do 90% of what you want it to, but that last 10% is just out of reach. I find the date based triggers to be severely limited (e.g. each day at this time do X, remove tag on this date date, etc.). App is a great starting point and could be very useful if they build out its capability a bit more.

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This is the Best Adds on for Shopify Advance Plan, I didn't know how much I needed this app until I tried it, the only problem that I am facing that a lot of times when opening the app it loads just for a second, and then it turns blank, nothing happens, I tried everything from clearing browser cache, deactivating browser adds on, to changing PC and browser, I found that it worked just on Microsoft Edge on one specific PC that we have, but I didn't understand why. So hope for a fix soon.

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Shopifyが返信しました 2022年6月9日

Hi, thank you for your review. We are happy that you are finding Flow useful. It sounds like you are having some technical issues with loading the app. That should never happen. Please reach out to Shopify support to report the issue and we'll work to resolve whatever is happening.


Could be a great tool but it requires us to go through 15,000 clicks to run-segment our current base of customers as it's limited to 50 customers at a time. The real-time segmentation once created is working well so far. Could be much better coming from Shopify.
Shopifyが返信しました 2022年5月23日

Thank you for the review. I believe you are referring to the recently added feature to be able to run a workflow from the Admin’s Customer list. We’re sorry that we don’t yet have the ability to run a workflow on all of your customers. Hopefully you were able to finish your task by running 50 at a time.


This is a useful app but is not 100% reliable. There have been multiple instances when the app will be down for hours with no updates to the Shopify status page. I have had to confirm outages with support. If you need actions to occur in a timely fashion, then this is not a reliable option. Also, it seems like the Shopify developers push untested code. There have been instances when simple conditions like "Any of" will just break out of nowhere (with no updates on my end). Again, I've confirmed this through Support. Also, very limited search functions on workflow logging, which makes troubleshooting workflows very difficult with high volume stores. It just seems like this is app is in a beta stage. It shouldn't be advertised with Shopify Plus if it is not production-ready.

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Shopifyが返信しました 2022年5月3日

Thank you for the review and we’re sorry that you didn’t have a great experience. We are always trying to improve the reliability of Flow as well as the systems on which all apps (including Flow) depend on. To clarify, Flow does not push untested code but occasionally new features have unintended side effects. Because of your report and others, we were able to quickly find and rollback the root cause of the issue. Thanks again.


Very useful app for automation such as customer and order tagging. My only complaint so far is that there are not order-related actions for fulfillment. For example, "if an order product type is X and fulfillment status shows as "partially fulfilled"> ACTION mark line item as "Fulfilled". Please add this feature! This would be incredibly useful for us. Another feature that would help is if there were "actions" related to products for bundling purposes. For example we have a product in our store that is a bundle composed of individual skus. The bundle has its own SKU and when ordered Shiphero shows the component skus in the bundle to our 3PL. Ideally, we could have a workflow that also does this in shopify. For example: If order contains X (bundle SKU product) ACTION replace with these items. This would allow us to accurately track the single SKU components sales within shopify.

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Shopifyが返信しました 2022年5月3日

Hi, thank you for the review and the suggestions. It’s important that we fully support Shopify triggers and actions, so we are working on an approach to allow many more actions. Stay tuned for details.


The recent updates to Shopify Flow have made it a much more comprehensive option for automation, with access to tons of variables and triggers as well as connections to many third party apps. The user experience has also been improved, giving it a clean and easy to use interface. Shopify Flow can be your virtual employee with an attention to detailed unrivaled by anyone.

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In my opinion Flow is the single most valuable aspect of Shopify Plus! The biggest limitation of Flow is your imagination and the things I've been able to automate have been game-changers for our operations. One aspect I never expected was how affective Flow is in helping me build safety-nets and redundancies for problems that would go unseen without it. Probably my favourite app.

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This app allows us to automate and structure processes around anything in Shopify and beyond. The new Flow has better overviews and more possibilities making it even more powerful.