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3. duben 2024

Oh, you are very welcome! I'm so pleased to hear that you enjoyed it. It brings me immense joy to know that my efforts have been met with such positive feedback. Your appreciation is a testament to the hard work and dedication I have put into this endeavor. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with others and to receive their kind words in return.

CrystalQuartz Creations
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5. květen 2024

Sorry to leave one star and will update once I actually get some help. I can no longer get any changes I make to update in my shop. I've tried to get support and the messages I've received back make little to no sense and say "we don't support guide or teach changes" I don't need to be taught anything I literally need to report a bug and find out what I can do to fix it. This is only the newest part of my issues- I had spent an entire day making my website beautiful with custom fonts only to wake up the next morning and it was all gone. I put it all back, it disappeared again and once I removed the latest custom css font add on it restored thankfully but now I can't make any other adjustments. Literally nothing will save and I'm not sure if there are limits to how many edits you can make or how many custom fonts you can use and I can't find out because support won't help. Hoping to get some answers here. Thanks in advance!

Julie Godsey Jewelry
Spojené státy
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28. únor 2024

The app just crashed my entire website! After installation i had many issues but no support. If you contact them, they answer 1 day after but with no solution. I read also other reviews that they had the same issues as mine, but the support team told me to contact the theme provider to fix them. Do not download this app.

The Pionears
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14. únor 2024

There are 2 language options in my store, the application that used to work for Turkish does not work now. It only works for the english version. I sent them an e-mail about this error, but they never offered a solution and confused me even more.

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11. květen 2024

It helps to change fonts much faster and easier than any other option!

My Store
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21. duben 2024

Very easy to import Google Fonts. Only need some minor tweaks to my headings for some reasons, nothing can't be solved without a quick fix!


Premiere Hobby Collective
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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6. únor 2024

better than fontify or whatveer that app is called. super ez and simple and actually works

diffuser store
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15. květen 2024

really cool. thank you so much for making it for free

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8. leden 2024

The app just crashed my entire website (fonts are broken, spaces disappeared, etc.) after working fine for about a year. No support on the app.

Hope we can fix this ASAP.

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Vývojář RoarTheme odpověděl 10. leden 2024


First of all, I'm so sorry for this inconvenience!

Regarding your problem, please help me submit a ticket to, our support team will check and fix for you ASAP :)

Thank you so much!

21. leden 2024

Simple perfect and free

Ongles Lab
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