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17. duben 2024

This app is amazing! Esp the ABC XYZ feature! Amir is the kind of guy who will go above and beyond to get things fixed for you as he's driven with a real passion for problem-solving and providing genuine value to his customers.

Ikigai Cases
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14. březen 2024

I started using smart purchase order since last month.
This app is perfect to create new purchase order and gives insights of how much stock is getting used. I was amazed by the fact that it considers seasonality while forecasting stock.
App also have easy user interface, strong AI engine and easy bulk edit features, which makes it easy for our team to maintain products.

Thanks a lot for this fabulous app.

I will definitely give 5 star to this app.

Zingox Foods UK
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19. březen 2024

Could not rate higher. Tried and tested a few apps before coming across this one. With over 1300 sku's and 100+ suppliers, we were looking for something that can simplify the process and optimise stock levels. This does that and more. It's user friendly and intuitive to use and the onboarding process by Amir is second to none. So much better to be able to have someone to speak to who knows the app inside out and wants to make it better and work with you. THANKS AMIR!!

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6. březen 2024

Great app with super nice UX. The customer support is amazing. They are really willing to go the extra mile and try to meet exactly your needs

Small Giants
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3. červen 2024

Great app!

West Coast Catholic
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2. únor 2024

This is a game changer. Its standout feature is predicting reorder dates and stock-out dates, which will help me keep my inventory levels optimal. The calculation of ideal safety stock levels, tailored to my business needs, will significantly improve operational efficiency. While the interface is user-friendly, performance can lag at times. The respnsive customer support is a plus. Despite minor speed issues, its insights and functionalities make it highly recommendable for efficient inventory.

Nuvelio Naturals
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15. únor 2024

We have been looking for a solution to prevent running out of stock, optimizing stock levels and simplifying purchase orders. Looks like I might have just found exactly what I need, and to make it even better: When I installed the app and started looking around I was offered to jump on a call with Amir who showed me around and sparred with me on solving my challenges. So far it looks like a powerful solution by an absolutely brilliant guy!
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25. březen 2024

Great product and extremely useful

Send Smiles
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29. srpen 2023

Best solution we've found to inform our inventory purchases and re-orders! It tells you when to order based off the history of sales on that product. If you want to get a handle on your inventory for once, get this app.

Thirty Seconds Out
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22. září 2023

Fantastic App! Great for a Shopify Store and am being told the big plans for the marketplaces as well. :-)

Great support and thank you Amir!
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