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26 Eylül 2022 tarihinde düzenlendi

This is an Update to my first review of 2 Stars, I've Changed it to 5, The old review is below. I reinstalled and the app as usual is great, not that I could test it again because I guess you need pageviews to view it of which I have zero. So I couldn't use it. Anyway it's way too expensive for my shop, maybe great for a big shop in the top three of Google. But by then I guess you wouldn't even need it at that point. So except for the fact that I can't use it, when it did work for me the app looked and worked awesome. I guess it's just not for a small shop. If you have the $18 bucks a month to burn you should try it. Previous review below... >> Well I gave two stars because the app works great, does what it says it does, loads fast, great placement of click icon, there is nothing wrong with the app itself. In fact I would have gave it a full 5 stars, 6 stars if I could because the app itself is wonderful.
What caused me to give less then that was this page about the app. The people that wrote it. It says FREE. It never talks about money, or a service or subscription, nor does it every say it is a Trial. I found that later in the app when I was wondering why the app wasn't showing anymore about a week later. Upon looking into the app I clicked on the tab called billing. Yup it shows I was on a trial and they want $18 per Month to continue with the app. I suppose I could have forgave this unfortunate lack of details if the price would have been $5 or less per month but $18!!! Anyway what sucks is I now have to delete this app which was so cool. Now you know!

Twylight Crow
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:8 gün
HikeOrders yanıt 25 Eylül 2022

We are sorry for the inconvenienced caused. It was an issue with our billing system. We have fixed it now.

Now our app is Free as shown on this page.

Kindly install the app again. You should get back all the preference that you had entered before.