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Consentmo GDPR Compliance

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10. červenec 2024

App offers all options needed for proper consent mode v2. Support is great, fast and helpful. The only thing we don't like is the price, but that's the same on all consent apps.

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Vývojář Consentmo odpověděl 12. červenec 2024

Hello there and thanks for the honest review! 😊
We are trying to provide the best experience in our app and constantly improving UX adding new features and brining value. We think the pricing of the app should reflect the developer efforts and the continues providing of excellent support services. 🙌

5. duben 2024

Es una buena herramienta y sin conocimientos de programación he podido resolver las solicitudes de leyes RGPD con los artículos de Consentmo y del equipo. Para no tener problema con Google etc.. hay pasos que hacer pero repito, sin conocimiento de programación, he resuelto todo.

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Vývojář Consentmo odpověděl 9. duben 2024

¡Gracias por tu reseña! Apreciamos tus comentarios positivos. Si hay algo específico que crees que podríamos mejorar para merecer tus 5 estrellas, por favor háznoslo saber. Estamos aquí para ayudarte en caso de que necesites asistencia adicional o tengas alguna pregunta. ¡Gracias de nuevo por tu apoyo!

22. leden 2024

Muy Profesionales. Atienden muy rápido y correcto

Doba používání aplikace: 10 měsíci
Vývojář Consentmo odpověděl 24. leden 2024

Hola y muchas gracias por la hermosa reseña! Notamos que no nos dio la calificación completa en el comentario aquí. ¿Puedes informarnos si hay algo que podamos mejorar aún más para que tu experiencia sea aún mejor? 😊

16. duben 2020

The app is great and the support is prompt and always very helpful.
The only issue is that sometimes the app is inaccessible. I don't know if it happens often or not and the way it affects the consent bar functionning on the website

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Vývojář Consentmo odpověděl 28. duben 2020

Hello there and thanks for the review. The issue you are referring to should be fixed already. We will be happy if you test this on your side and let us know if you see a difference.

Datum úprav: 15. říjen 2020

This is the only app that we could find which actually comes close to being GDPR compliant. But we shouldn't even have to resort to searching for apps to provide a feature that is a legal requirement of any shop operating in or selling to the EU. It should be a part of Shopify's core feature set, not an extra app. This app developer is capitalizing on this. If you agree, add your voice to the community discussion here: The payment tiers for this app are unrealistic. The free plan is limited to 10k page views per month. We easily surpassed that in 3 days and we are a small online shop. The Standard tier is 10k-30k page visits/mo. I can't imagine there are many shops that fall into that narrow bracket. So we had to go with Pro which supports over 30k views per month. It's unfortunate that we have to pay $9 a month for something every business owner hates, and most Internet users don't care about.

QUADRO Deutschland
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Vývojář Consentmo odpověděl 15. říjen 2020

Hello there and thanks for the honest review.
We appreciate your input and thank you for the fact that you noticed our efforts in making our app actually GDPR compliant. We'll soon release some more features that are required by the law but not yet mandatory. We follow all changes closely which makes this app the best.
Regarding your point for this being a core functionality, we agree with you and we will check the uplisted topic in the forum.
Regarding the plans, this was the only way for us to handle all of the requests that we received on each page load that the app shows on. We followed the data for months before making the limits and we believe that these prices fit the best the usage that we see. We can do another evaluation in order to see if the same can be changed based on the new data, however the server support for an app of this rank can not be done on free servers, hence the need for the plans. We also spent a lot of time working to have the most features and be the most compliant in the market which also takes a lot of recourses. I hope this makes sense.
If you have any additional comments or concerns, we will be happy to address them. :)

3. listopad 2020

Prima Support - vielen Dank für die schnelle Hilfe. Die App funktioniert sehr gut... Empfehlenswert.

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Vývojář Consentmo odpověděl 3. listopad 2020

Thank you very much for your positive review. If there is anything else we could help you with, please let us know. :)

3. únor 2020

First, for GDPR compliance, this is one of just a few apps that actually are compliant and it couldn't be easier to install and activate. If that's all you need it for, 5 stars.

However, for CCPA, while it looks like the name of the app in the app store has been updated to include CCPA, the actual content and settings within the app still only reference GDPR. Ex: the title of the page is still "GDPR Compliance", and the links still only say "GDPR requests", etc. Nothing references CCPA for those users looking for that info. My recommendation: in addition to the GDPR copy and links, there should be CCPA specific copy and links. Without these, if I were a consumer looking for CCPA compliance information and only found GDPR info, I wouldn't feel reassured the site was CCPA compliant. While it's possible the GDPR links cover all the CCPA needs, with only GDPR named in the link, I wouldn't feel confident CCPA is covered. With these updates, I wouldn't hesitate to give it 5 stars.

Aqua Lung
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Vývojář Consentmo odpověděl 4. únor 2020

Hello there! Thank you for your valuable feedback! On your comments: the GDPR page serves as a CCPA page too, however, since the app started as a GDPR one first, we have not changed the page yet. What you can do right now, is simply to open the page and change GDPR to CCPA wherever you find it.

Still, I will talk with the devs that when the app is installed, the merchants to have two different pages - a GDPR one and a CCPA one. Will this cover your needs?

10. prosinec 2020

Really fast support! They solved a translation issue immediately even if we still were in trial mode!

Maserati Family&Friends
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Vývojář Consentmo odpověděl 18. prosinec 2020

Hello there and thanks for the great review! Enjoy using our app! :)

Datum úprav: 31. srpen 2023

E un ottima app la consiglio anche l'assistenza e molto soddisfacente, sono stata aiutata in tutto grazie Joann

Variety Store
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Vývojář Consentmo odpověděl 20. březen 2023

Ciao e grazie per la bella recensione! 😊 Lo apprezziamo molto! 🙏
Divertiti a usare l'app e se hai bisogno di ulteriore assistenza, Georgi sarà qui per aiutarti. 🧑‍💻

1. únor 2022

so far so good! I'm setting up the app and haven't used it yet. will return for feedback, at a later date!

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Vývojář Consentmo odpověděl 2. únor 2022

Hello there and thanks for your feedback. If you need any help setting up the app, we are available in chat and via email at
I would advise you to also check our Setup Guide here: which also includes step-by-step video tutorials. :)