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21. březen 2018

This app is a no brainier.

Easy to install - ✅
Great customer service ✅
Matches theme ✅
Easy reporting & Dashboard ✅✅

Great Job, can't wait for the upcoming features.

Mar Qui
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28. únor 2018

Love this app. Now I don't have to worry about calculating everything manually as I was doing before!

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22. září 2021

This is my first online business, after doing my research I realize that customer prefers to shop with socially conscious stores. They also like to donate through their shopping experience. This app has made it so easy to show impact through my business. I look forward to seeing customers donate through my store!

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11. duben 2018

Faced some issues with adding the code to include donation option for my customer and Melissa was extremely helpful and efficient. On a Sunday nevertheless. Amazing app and services!

Thepopvibe 2
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29. duben 2023

EVERY business should be using Give & Grow!

Being a shop owner who's passionate about making a difference, Give & Grow makes it incredibly easy to do just that! I'll break down why this is one of the best additions to any shop below.

Giving back
Give & Grow allows shop owners to customize the organizations that the shop donates from and how those donations will come in. I've set it up so automatically, 5% of every purchase is donated to One Tree Planted which is an organization responsible for planting millions of trees around the world.

What I love is the flexibility! There are so many organizations that need our support and you can choose to:

1. Donate to your favorite
2. Donate to multiple
3. Allow customers to donate to an organization of their choosing at checkout-How amazing!

You can also set it up to give customers the option to "round up" at checkout and then have that rounded-up amount donated as well.

Customer service
The customer service through the platform has been stellar! Shortly after downloading the app a member of the support team reached out to me to hop on a call—I'm so glad I did because that's when I learned about all of the different ways I can use the platform.

There's also a feature that allows you to display a counter of for example, how many trees your organization has planted thanks to the donations. But, there are counters for different organizations allowing you to share with your customers and fans where their donations are going and how they're helping

The interface can't be easier. Super clear and to the point and as I mentioned above, the customer service team is so responsive that even if you got stuck, someone would be there to help out as needed.

✨ I wish every brand I'm a customer of donated to organizations of their choosing. It might feel like one person donating doesn't make a large impact, but when you scale that up you really start to see the positive impacts we can all make and it starts on an individual level!

Thanks for creating this super easy to use platform that we ALL benefit from!!

Running With Wolves
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30. březen 2018

Recently installed this app and it was easy. The parts I did not understand I emailed and Melissa emailed me and was able to help me. She was amazing!

Baba Jewelry And Beads
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18. březen 2018

great app, allows you to contribute a portion of funds to charity. They have a lot ' of charities already set up, so it is easy to use. also comes with a "total contributed" widget to display on site. I uninstalled because we are not going to contribute to charity as a part of purchase anymore.

More Store Llc
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22. červen 2022

I love how easy this app is to use. I can turn impact campaigns on and off as I see fit. I look forward to adding other app features and using this app.

August Abode
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1. listopad 2017

I've wanted to give back as part of my store since I started it, but have had to do it manually this whole time. It's been time-consuming and more work than it should be. This app is the perfect solution for taking that burden off of me, and letting me show my customers how much I've given!

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26. srpen 2019

Super simple to set up and configure by adding the code. Iron Doggy™ ( can now donate to Dog/Animal Rescue or we can configure it to let the customer choose which charity they prefer to donate to. Awesome app!

Iron Doggy™
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