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14. únor 2024

I have been using the GLO Colour Swatch app for some time now and am very happy with it. It allows me to display the colours completely flexible and also works with pictures, which is great for patterns.
I have also contacted support several times about minor issues. I have always received support very quickly and the problems have been solved quickly.
I can really recommend the app.

Barbara Wick AG
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14. březen 2024

I needed help with the variant picker because it wasn't showing the photo for the variant when the variant was selected. I contacted support and they fixed the problem in under 30 minutes and also fixed some UX code as a recommendation. Thank you for helping me Sarah, I really appreciate it.

Goob's Closet & Boutique
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21. březen 2024

It is a nice app that gives you a lot of opportunities in how to present your products. And if you need some help I find the support professional and quick in the response to fix it. Thanks again Sarah for your assistance today!

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8. duben 2024

the best app for color and drop down menu. plus the customer service is top they available 24/7 specially Sarah thank you for solving the problem very quick and easy. and by the way they have free plan available so if your not making sales no worries they got you.

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15. únor 2024

Great app, great customer services, thank you Sarah for your help! Our store looks great now!

Little Glam Jewelry
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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18. leden 2024

The app is great! I had an issue with the colour variants not showing on a collection page when you filter through different options, I spoke to Sarah who was very helpful. She responded quickly and the issue was resolved the next day. Would definitely recommend this app if you want to let your website visitors know on a collection page that your products are available in different colours.

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1. duben 2024

This has become one of my all time favorite apps- the ability to customize the presentation of the swatches - and that of ALL the variants is exceedingly well done.

This is matched only by the amazing customer service - Sarah was very quick to attend to any issue (caused by my other apps, filters and preferences) to get the variants to work exactly how I wanted them to.

Great backend that lets you preview exactly what things will look like - and its fast, not something that slows down the store. 10 stars!!

Cheeky Seats Scooter Seat Covers
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14. březen 2024

We upgraded our theme and some of our variant prices were no longer changing. Sarah was on top of the situation and within 48 hours the issue was fixed! Great customer service, would recommend!

Sun Country Patio Furniture
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5. únor 2024

The app is working great at the collection and product levels. Sarah and her team were so responsive and helpful to all my questions. I would recommend their product to users who are looking for a tool that simply works as presented.

Cheers Pickleball
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22. únor 2024

‏Professional and fast service. The service offer several personal design options and a great interfaced application. highly recommend!

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