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12. září 2023

This app isn't working now i add in 3 store and it cant work .The automatically setup is great! It will cause a really huge errors on responsive of product images misfit to user's screen after fully complete setup of the variant images!

My Store
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Vývojář Globo odpověděl 15. září 2023

I'm really sorry for the bad experience you had with our app.

When we received your review, we immediately contact to you you with the desire to send you our apology and want to have a chance to check the issues and fix all for you but unfortunately, we haven't heard from you till now.

We always want to make you happy when you use our app, so it's disappointing when we don't meet your expectations. Thanks for telling us about the issues. We're working on improving our support to make sure this doesn't happen again.

We understand it was frustrating to deal with these issues, and we appreciate your business with Globo. We hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

7. září 2023


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Vývojář Globo odpověděl 11. září 2023

Hi there,

I'm sorry for your experience about this app.
Our team has checked your store & your theme (Reformation). I confirm that our app works well with the theme any any 2.0 theme.
Regarding your case, I think you are looking for the Group Products feature. Unfortunately, our app hasn't got the feature at the moment. But our team has added this features to our updating list. So we may consider to add this in next update.

Lastly, Thank you so much for your feedback! Forgive us for your bad experience!

Datum úprav: 12. březen 2023

** UPDATE ***
After my review, they wrote me a very unprofessional email about how their feelings were hurt and that their developers work too hard for such reviews. Amazing.

It does what it's supposed to do but then it makes your Store malfunction. The Product images started to be enlarged, the page would randomly go to the bottom after choosing a variant.

Breethe Activewear
Jihoafrická republika
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Datum úprav: 6. červen 2023

The automatically setup is great! It will cause a really huge errors on responsive of product images misfit to user's screen after fully complete setup of the variant images!
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Datum úprav: 12. leden 2023

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. BE AWARE. It corrupted my entire theme. Product theme, and they take ZERO responsibility. this is what one of their team members said"

"Our dev had a meticulous check and notice a weird thing in this regard. Even when we tried to remove our app from the theme to see how goes, then, the issue still is the same with the default selector of the theme.

You should contact the theme dev team for help in this case because it is out of our hands to support troubleshooting issues with 3rd party code in any case. Honestly, our dev team is not trained and they are not familiar with the code. Hope you understand with us"

Let me clarify that my theme has been the SAME since the moment I opened my shopify store, and have not changed it. Only thing that changed was downloading this image variant app, which is giving me "invalid object type for field "image" "products in my google search console, and not allowing google to show ANY of my products. Also, SUPPOSEDLY, they checked "meticulous" and then they say "our dev team is not trained and they are not familiar with the code" DONOT DOWNLOAD EVEN IF FREE. YOUR PAGE WILL BE DAMAGED, AND YOUR PRODUCTS WILL NOT SYNC TO GOOGLE ADS.

Magic Crystals
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5. prosinec 2022

Please Remove the bad ads for your products, I couldn't use this app properly, and I am not able to set up this app.

Doba používání aplikace: 2 dny
6. prosinec 2021

Doesn't work when adding new products and makes them completely unavailable. It will give you headaches continually having to ask for support.

Good Ol' Vintage
Nový Zéland
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15. červen 2021

Please don't install this app. this will ruin your entire theme. many positive comments are from scammers and also because of free app. there are many other free and paid color swatch apps. please don't use it. especially if you are using a premium theme. *BEWARE*

Girly Lavender
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12. květen 2021

very bad communication.
embed code to my website to create some error
can find them to solve the problem.

iFrameFit Co.,Ltd
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7. srpen 2021


Raido Surf Accessories
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Vývojář Globo odpověděl 7. srpen 2021

Apologies for your bad experience!! 🥺
I understand your concern. Could you please refer to this guide to completely remove the leftover code

If it doesn't work, please approve my collaborator request so we can help you quickly.