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7. listopad 2023

We are very pleased with the app, it allow us to configure based on what we need. Also, the support is very helpful and will really help you fix the problem/concern.

Invisible World US
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12. listopad 2023

I took over an hour to find a swatches app that suits my requirement. installed alot of apps and had to delete all of them right away. And then I found GLO with a really affordable price compared to most other swatches apps. On top of that, the best thing is their customer support. I had some issues in my theme which created an issue with the swatches to work properly. However, GLO took over the issue and after few days was able to save my website. I am so thankful to Sarah for that. Highly reccomending this app for anyone who wants to apply swatches to all of your products in one click either you want just a colour swatch or variant image swatch. I have 400+ products totalling to 17K variants and GLO saved my time. You can check my website, to check how the swatches work

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25. říjen 2023

I am blown away. I have been using this app for Free for a while but what really blew me away was the technical service I got fast when I encountered a problem with the app not presenting correctly on the website.
Very impressed as it is rare that problems that require developers are fixed so quick.
10 out of 10
The fact its free just makes it a no brainer. If you are looking to control the look of your website a bit more without spending more

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5. říjen 2023

This app and the customer service is truly one of a kind. Sarah is awesome and responds really quickly. I was having an issue first getting the variants to change color on the collection page hover, and then all the colors showing up on the swatches. Her team fixed the issue so quickly and now my store looks and feels like a professional apparel site ( Thank you all again so much!

Affirm The Word Literary
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9. listopad 2023

I came accross GLO through a YT Video and decided to install it in my online shop. I think it is quite intuitive and user friendly.
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14. říjen 2023

We have been using this app for quite a while. Very simple to use and their customer service is exceptionally fast in resolving issues.

Deshabille Sleepwear
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14. listopad 2023

I were pretty happy when I got the app at first, as it made my shop appear much nicer, when you can choose the actual color of a product, along with various sizes and amounts.

Even at the same time, so you dont need multiple product pages, if it comes in different amounts and colors.

Their support is really good as well, super fast. Was really surprised to get a reply within 30 minutes and the way it works on shopify is just top notch.

Bachs Bilpleje Shop
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10. říjen 2023

I have only had one issue and that was fixed within 15 minutes. Speedy replies and help with any issues. I was blown away on how quickly I received a reply and the matter was resolved within 15 minutes, I am still shocked haha. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app. Brilliant job GLO!

DripX Streetwear
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27. říjen 2023

This application seriously has one of the best service!
Their team is kind, helpfull and very patient!

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15. listopad 2023

I use this app for showing variants in color thumbnails. No app is perfect, but the support is amazing and they really try to make it the perfect app for your case.

calling sheep
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