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1. listopad 2023

app seems to be really good, although I seem to not always understand the info being given to me on it. Customer service are patient and helpful when I have had queries.

Rainbow Nation
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26. srpen 2023

Perfectly! After a year of google rejections, i finally found this app. It is not part of this function, but I was guided and instructed by the support to eliminate the errors in my web shop. I received constant support. as soon as google finally accepts my site, i will be happy to be able to produce as many feeds as i want with cedcommerce. I recommend everyone to try this app first.

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19. říjen 2023

Had difficulties with other software apps, that didn't pull information through to Google properly. However, CEDCommerce's Google Feed worked perfectly. Decided to try it on the free plan, just to test it worked, and am going up to the paid plan now. Additionally, had one small issue reported by Google regarding my feed, and before I had the chance to fix it myself, I received contact from CEDCommerce who noticed the error and gave me a fix for it - even without asking. Honestly, I think that's excellent service, and am happy to recommend this app.

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31. říjen 2023

The customer support team on this app is unlike any app I've ever used. I had to go back and forth with them through e-mails and whatsapp to solve several issues and they went above and beyond to help, even giving me free consultations so we could solve the problems. I recommend it 100%, you'll be safeguarded here.

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5. říjen 2023

You must get the Mr V in your CS team a raise, this guy is awesome.

Literally better than our ecom consultant! Appreciate him a lot.

Btw app has some real issues, but with cs help they kinda fixed it.

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14. listopad 2023

Google team help me set up my ad account, very professional and helpful. I recommend you use them for your projects. Ced was very patient and understands the process very well.

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11. září 2023

Exceptional + Easy to use App! The App Does what it says, If you need to be able to easily sync your Shopify store products into a Google Merchant account to run Google AdWords campaigns this is definitely the app you should choose, the app itself is seamless and does so much of the work for you.
Great support team. amazing customer service and fast responses to my question. They told me about details for the app and I very impressed.


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7. listopad 2023

I had a problem while using the app. I contacted the support team and Vaishnavi helped me a lot. My problem was solved in a short time. Thank you very much.

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13. listopad 2023

New user to CedCommerce Google Feed...had an initial problem uploading product details as some information was missing. A message to support was acted on promptly, a new custom profile was created in minutes. Fantastic support thank you!

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30. říjen 2023

very supportive Team . Doing a great job to fix any issue and they are not wasting time to contact and explain what ever is needed. The app looks good with many functions.

sehr unterstützendes Team. Sie leisten hervorragende Arbeit bei der Lösung jedes Problems und verschwenden keine Zeit damit, Kontakt aufzunehmen und zu erklären, was auch immer benötigt wird. Die App sieht mit vielen Funktionen gut aus.

Nijens Shop
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