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24. srpen 2023

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional work your team accomplished recently. Your prompt resolution of the product suspension issue, restoring 2.5k products and boosting sales, was truly impressive.

Your proactive approach and effective collaboration fixed the problems and elevated our overall performance. Your team's dedication is a testament to its expertise and commitment to client success.

Thank you for your remarkable efforts.

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7. září 2023

Awesome service, always someone to help when needed. Great advice and I would recommend this app to anyone that is struggling with Google.

Nový Zéland
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6. říjen 2023

We are New, but we like the customer support and ease of use

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Datum úprav: 17. říjen 2023

Actually. I have changed my review as my account was suspended permantley by google ads. The software changed my url to some deadbeat website and I now have zero traffic from google. It has killed my business. I was just told to go back to Google and it was their fault.

Bonnie Lassio
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21. srpen 2023

Their support team is very devoted, and does anything it takes, to make sure your items will appear on google.

Scents Yoga
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25. srpen 2023

Works well, and support has been very helpful. We have had no major issues just a couple of minor ones and they have been resolved quickly.

Ink North
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21. červenec 2023

Beware of Commerce Google Feed - A Total Scam!

Commerce Google Feed is a total scam! They charge for nothing, while Google Merchant itself is free. I was unknowingly losing money to this fraudulent service for three long years, until a financial investigation brought these charges to light. I strongly advise others to stay away from this untrustworthy app. Furthermore, I'm sure their positive reviews are entirely fake, adding to their dubious nature.

They market themselves as a feed management service that will boost product visibility and sales on Google Merchant. Moreover, the truth of the matter is that gaining access to Google Merchant is entirely free of charge. Any merchant can easily upload their products to Google Merchant Center without the need for a third-party service like Commerce Google Feed. Had I known this crucial piece of information beforehand, I could have avoided being lured into their deceitful trap and saved a substantial amount of money and frustration.

As an online seller, I rely heavily on trustworthy partners to help expand my business and improve my online presence. Unfortunately, Commerce Google Feed took advantage of my trust and exploited my lack of knowledge regarding the accessibility of Google Merchant for free.

Nutrifit +
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Vývojář CedCommerce odpověděl 24. červenec 2023

It is highly disheartening to see that after doing your entire setup, giving support for months, fixing all issues time and again, and helping to make you successful on Google, now you converted your review to negative. Do you even remember you took our ads package and our ads team and analytics team worked on your ads part for so long?? You yourself authorized the charge and now you claim you got scammed? Our team made your ads perform so well month after month, acquired great sales, and you paid nothing for that as well, it was all included in your 300 charge itself. Please be honest while rating the hard work of a company. We are not scammers, we help thousands of merchants daily.

14. září 2023

CED is amazing and I've been using multiple app integrations from the team they are highly talented with great customer support.

New Living Style
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17. listopad 2023

Swati has gone above and beyond to help me troubleshoot my GMC issues. Great customer support and I am looking forward to using the app more!

Adults Skate Too LLC
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19. říjen 2023

they helped me to upload my products to google. Thanks

Golden Star Jewellery
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