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1. listopad 2023

Great GreatGreat GreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreat

South East Clearance Centre
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1. listopad 2023

app seems to be really good, although I seem to not always understand the info being given to me on it. Customer service are patient and helpful when I have had queries.

Rainbow Nation
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27. listopad 2023

The CedCommerce team has been extremely helpful in resolving our ongoing issues with our feed disapproval. Thanks to their expertise and assistance, we have been able to address all the problems and our feed is now functioning perfectly. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for their outstanding support.

DPM69 | De Puta Madre 69 Italian Fashionbrand
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11. září 2023

Excellent support to take my site to the next level and be approved by google to sell online.

Vivian Fong Designs
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14. září 2023

Applicazione ottima. Molto intuitiva, ha tutte le caratteristiche necessarie a pubblicare automaticamente facilmente i prodotti sul Merchant ed un prezzo competitivo. Anche l'assistenza è veloce e disponibile. Bene, bravi!

Prestige Home
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12. září 2023

It is a great app with even a greater support!

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10. listopad 2023

app seems to be working with google, but this is managed by a specialist, also the customer service level is great, always fixing any issues we encountered.

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4. září 2023

Raj is brilliant from the online team

Koori Threads
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5. říjen 2023

You must get the Mr V in your CS team a raise, this guy is awesome.

Literally better than our ecom consultant! Appreciate him a lot.

Btw app has some real issues, but with cs help they kinda fixed it.

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31. říjen 2023

The customer support team on this app is unlike any app I've ever used. I had to go back and forth with them through e-mails and whatsapp to solve several issues and they went above and beyond to help, even giving me free consultations so we could solve the problems. I recommend it 100%, you'll be safeguarded here.

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