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22 febbraio 2024

As with all free apps you'll eventually become the customer. Started off great but we've moved on.

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7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Tapita ha risposto 22 aprile 2024

Hi there,

Thank you for using our apps and service.

We provide free plan an it's forever free, we never forced any customer by purchase the paid plan.

The free plan remains free, and we never cut down the limit/usages for any feature for free version.
In fact, we're adding more benefit for free plan.

Again, thank you for using our app, and we hope to hear back from you!

Best regards,

10 aprile 2024

To start, it's not intuitive to use.
Competition have better/more features on the free plans.

Gamer Tech
Circa 3 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Tapita ha risposto 22 aprile 2024

Hello there,

This is Katy from Tapita.
Thank you for your review, but we would like to answer here to reach out to any merchants who might read this review.

1. We receive this 3 star review after helping you to fix your SEO errors, even though you might think removing our app left over code should be done free by any apps, but Detecting where is the problem, how to fix, and fix it, was never a simple task and it's not easy to find someone to help you do it by free.
And we did it free for you.

2. Not intuitive to use:
Thank you for the feedback and we're improving our Dashboard, so that I hope if anyone want to try our app, please install the free version, give us a try to see whether it is easy for you to use.

We had to weigh carefully between using casual language for easiness and Implementing sufficient technical information in our features, so that both regular users and developers can use our app smoothly.
And you can see we have a lot of feedback from our customers who are using our app for month saying about how our app is easy for them to set up.

We even provide live chat 24/7 to support if any of our customers have any questions, any time.

3. Competition have better/more features on the free plans.

For the pricing, we're not the cheapest app, but we're improving and there will be more free features in the future.

We build our pricing on what benefit we provide to our customers, we focus on our app and services quality and the prices are calculated from there. And In fact, many of our paid customers who already used other SEO apps before settle down with us, that speaks the truth.

Since we have our pricing published, every one can access it and can clearly tell what benefit each plan brings to merchant's store.

Best regards

20 novembre 2023

I have been with Tapita since the early days, loved it and told my other store owner friends about the app.

Recently, Tapita notified me of some server change and asked me to re-enable the speed optimization. It wasn't so obvious how to do that so I ended up chatting with support who didn't have the most accurate knowledge on the UI (asking me to click on buttons that didn't exist).

Long story short, now my "optimized" speed is 68, 20 points lower than what it used to be. When I pointed this out to support, I got an answer that it's better than what it'd be without, not really acknowledging the fact that it's significantly lower than what it used to be.

I'm looking for great speed, not ok speed. Low bar! Sadly, I'll be looking for another solution. It was great while it lasted. Hopefully this kind of speed erosion doesn't happen to others.

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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
8 novembre 2023

"Hello Team Tapita SEO & Speed,

I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with your app. I have found your app to be quite helpful in improving the SEO and speed of my website. The tools and features provided are valuable, and they have made a positive impact on my site's performance.

However, I would like to offer some constructive feedback. While the app is excellent, there have been instances where I felt that the support team's communication could be more customer-friendly. It's important for users to feel heard and valued, so a more approachable and empathetic tone from the support team would enhance the overall experience.

I hope this feedback is taken in the spirit of improvement and growth. I believe that with a more customer-centric approach, your app can become even more outstanding. Thank you for the good work you're doing, and I look forward to seeing continued improvements in the future.

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Data modifica: 4 ottobre 2023

They give you free app so that they can get 5 star review, When you get something for free that means you are the customer - so we abandoned the App.
They might be good guys but approach is wrong

Bio Health Foods
1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
Tapita ha risposto 8 ottobre 2023


This is Keenan from Tapita. We never force any of our customer to provide us with a review. This is completely against Shopify's guideline.

All of the review are provided based on the customer interaction with our agents and our app. The app was indeed a free app before and still have a free plan even now.

All of our old customer still have their plan activated with no additional charge or feature change.

We believe in bringing value to the community and wish you the best in your business advanture.


3 aprile 2024

Chile Crunch
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Circa 2 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Tapita ha risposto 22 aprile 2024


This is Katy from Tapita.

Thanks for reviewing our app.

But we wanted to know why is there a 3-star review with no words please?

We checked carefully and there isn't any fault from our app.
You gave use 3-star review after our Chat agent supported you to fix your store errors at no charge, also increased your website speed even when you're using the free plan.

We contacted you but still no response from your side.

May you please contact us and let us know was there any problem?