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Having tried multiple Shopify apps to elevate my store's presence on major platforms, the "Google & YouTube" app truly stands out. From easy installation to a user-friendly interface, every step is designed with the merchant in mind. Integration with Google Shopping and YouTube ads was seamless, making my marketing campaigns more efficient and targeted. The app offers valuable insights, helping me optimize my strategies and reach a broader audience. What impresses me the most is the responsive customer support, always ready to assist and ensure I get the best out of the app. A must-have for any Shopify store looking to harness the power of Google and YouTube for e-commerce success!

Keynd Store

The Google & YouTube app is an absolute game-changer! Having both of these powerful platforms combined in one app is incredibly convenient and time-saving. As a user, I find myself using this app daily for various purposes.

With Google's search engine integrated seamlessly, finding information on any topic has become a breeze. The app's speed and accuracy in delivering search results are impressive, making it my go-to tool for quick queries.

YouTube, on the other hand, provides an endless stream of entertainment and knowledge. Whether I'm looking for music, tutorials, or informative videos, this app delivers it all. The video quality is excellent, and the option to save videos for offline viewing is a huge plus.

The user interface is clean and intuitive, making navigation effortless. Switching between Google and YouTube is seamless, allowing me to switch gears and cater to my specific needs effortlessly.

One of my favorite features is the personalized recommendations. The app seems to understand my interests and delivers relevant content tailored to my preferences.

Furthermore, the app's constant updates and improvements are evidence of Google's commitment to providing a top-notch user experience.

Overall, the Google & YouTube app is an essential part of my daily life. It's like having an all-in-one search and entertainment powerhouse at my fingertips. I highly recommend it to everyone! Five stars for this fantastic combo app!

Toy Store

It took me a while to get used to google analytics but now as I learned a bit more it has been easier to fix problems. Now my website is working working fine with google and the users are starting to flow much better.


experience was good enough. i m glad with these google service and business add module which helps in analyse your data at multiple platform.

Resham Wala

Makes integration with Google and Youtube easy. These integrations can be difficult to get right and it often changes over time, but this app helps a lot! It definitely increased the traffic to our website.

3D Printing Store

I'm beyond excited to tell you how easy and amazing google has made it for small business like mine to flourish and grow online. I was able to use this feature on my own, seriously thats how easy it is.

Sage And Creek

Great, it works awesome with Shopify! The Google integration is so great, allowing seamless connectivity and advanced features. The versatility and compatibility of this solution make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. The user-friendly interface and extensive customization options empower merchants to create stunning online stores that captivate their audience.

Online Shope MY

good app works fine easy and important for use help to increase business in many ways but i'm new so need time to learn the strategy

Watch & Wear

I am so thankful to Google. Google not only helped me getting better day by day in my online business. My first conversion is from Google. So, looking forward to more sales directed through Google to my online store

PS Café

This app is very helpful for any online seller (Shopify shop) because it can get your products in front of new shoppers who are looking for what you’re selling in your shop; in other words, it can help you to reach millions of online shoppers when they're searching for products like yours.

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