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15 gennaio 2023

In principle, the software looks great and provides alot of features, however thats if it works... which it does not.
I trialed this for the reason of being able to respond via my mobile when i am not at my desk, and also to notify me. The mobile app does alert you,but then fails to work. any responses sent via mobile dont work. The user never gets to see the responses (this didnt work via tablet either). I also tried entering the name and email of people who had ordered, but the desktop version nor mobile failed to correlate the previous order, so that was the other reason i tried it.

To top it all, when trying to correspond with the support people using their chat, that chat doesnt work all the time either - you have to constantly refresh to avoid missing chat from support - and it seems they have used the same code in the app.

In summary, the software looks great, if it works - However it looks like they released this much sooner than they should have, and using the customers as test subjects to debug their code.
I would avoid this for now, maybe come back in 6 months time to see if it has improved

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Shark Byte, Inc ha risposto 15 gennaio 2023


Thank you for your feedback!
We are sorry that you have some negative experience while using our application. Please be rest assured that our dev team is aware of mentioned issues and working on them.
Please accept our sincere apologies that your experience did not match your expectations. This is on us.
We will be glad to see you back onboard one day if you’ll give us a second chance.

Warm regards,
HelpCenter team

22 settembre 2022

We have issues with our emailing , we dont recieve and cant send emails, its bad for our business and the support does not answer us even tho i sent couple of emails to their support ticketing system. Hope they will resolve it soon because we are in general happy with the app, it serves its purpose but this downtime is not good for us and could potentially make us look for another more reliable app.

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Shark Byte, Inc ha risposto 23 settembre 2022

Hello HomeSport team,

First of all, we're truly sorry to hear that you've come across such inconveniences while using our app.
Please, note that the issue with emailing was connected to some technical issue in our system, which temporarily affected both customers' ticketing system and ours as well(that's why your emails to us haven't been received and replied to in time).
But our developers have been able to detect the problem and fixed it within a few hours, so everything should be working fine now.

I hope that this mishap won't leave a negative impression and we truly appreciate you staying with us!
Once again, our sincere apologies for the temporary inconvenience.

Best regards,
HelpCenter Team

Data modifica: 7 dicembre 2022

App works perfectly and you get all you need to get started on the free plan. I was considering changing to the paid plan, started the trial and send 2 different, simple, inquires to customer support, one regarding the tabs and one regarding my technical inability to make use of the black friday offer. 2 weeks passed and I have yet to receive an answer to any of my emails or reminders.
Their customer service used to be better in the past,.so sad. Needless to say, I left the trial and I m back on the free plan.

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8 marzo 2020

It is well structured but very buggy! I have informed developers, but nothing has been changed and no updates were received.. Kind start to regret I bought that app.
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Shark Byte, Inc ha risposto 8 marzo 2020

Hi Michael, thank you for the feedback. We didn't receive your reply by email when we informed about completed fixes on Feb 28. If there's any additional changes need to be made, let us know by email and we'll get all sorted.

Data modifica: 12 febbraio 2019

For the most part, the UX is good. On the back-end, if you accidentally delete anything, it's gone forever. You should be able to save and test out changes before anything permanent happens. I have also noticed that FAQ pages are not indexed by google. We have lots of rich, indexable content in our FAQs so this is actually a big deal for us. I reached out and asked when this would be fixed and was told that they plan to offer a premium version in the future that is more compatible with search engines but did not provide an ETA.

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7 gennaio 2018

As much as we love this app, it would be beneficial if you could move the sections around. In order to do this, you would have to delete everything and start over. We have sent requests for this feature with no hope. Also when our answers in our help center were not working in this app, the support team did not answer our emails for the course of days, so our customers had no access to to our help center. The issue was miraculously fixed with no communication. Hoping 2018 will bring more updates to this app. Overall its great but the support needs to be consistent for Shopify Plus users.

The Moon Cult
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27 febbraio 2017

Just started using and it seems ok, but there isn't enough flexibility to just have a page of FAQs, what if you only have 1 question per category, its a waste to make multiple categories.

You have to add a category, ok 'general', but then you need to add a 'section' too? What if I don't want to have multiple sections. The app should allow you to add either a section or an article after adding a category to allow for all variations, not force you to make a section.

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Data modifica: 18 giugno 2019

you have to click too many times to see the answers to the faq / unnecessary sub section! other than thats it's fine and looks okay.

Beija London
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Shark Byte, Inc ha risposto 18 giugno 2019

Thanks for your feedback. I've just emailed you that it is possible to disable categories and have a FAQ page of sections and articles only. Please email back at our support channel if you have additional questions. Thanks!

11 aprile 2019

It fails a lot when trying to delete a section. it will not let you and tells you to reload the page. It looks amazing when you can get it to work.

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Shark Byte, Inc ha risposto 12 aprile 2019

Hello, SNS Outlet,

We appreciate your feedback, because it really helps our team to improve the product. Your mentioned situation is not very usual, so we emailed you, suggesting how our developers could have a closer look at the situation you've experienced and provide solution for it.

Thank you very much and have a great upcoming weekend!
Help Center team

19 aprile 2017

It's easy to use, BUT I can't re-order anything? That's ridiculous. That should be a basic feature. I should be able to type in my FAQ on the fly, then go in and put the main sections in the correct order.

Samson N Delilahs
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