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16 gennaio 2023

NEVER USE OR PAY FOR THIS APP! We had the worst experiance with this app. The app is slowing down the processes. The support was not helpful. The best thing was: They delete your content on FAQ pages. Never ever again.

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Shark Byte, Inc ha risposto 22 gennaio 2023

Hi 82NC!

We apologize for the issue in our recent update which resulted in the loss of some customers' content in their shops.
This was an unfortunate oversight on our part and we’ve taken all measures to ensure it does not happen again.

We want to assure you that we value your feedback and strive to provide the best possible service!
Right now the content is restored but deactivated due to the Free plan limitations. Please contact our support team for the information regarding restored data.

Thank you again for your feedback, we have drawn the appropriate conclusions and will not allow such oversights on our part in the future.

We hope our cooperation with you will continue and bring you only positive experience.

Warm regards,
HelpCenter team

10 settembre 2020

The application forces you to pay for almost everything related to customization, which is what makes the user interface very bad and it cannot work with different themes

Arabia Saudita
Quasi 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Shark Byte, Inc ha risposto 11 settembre 2020

Dear WelaSouq,

Thank you for your message and for being our customer. On behalf of Help Center team we would like to say that Shopify hosts plenty of different themes written by different programmers, pushing various changes. Our team of support and development is constantly helping clients to fix and improve the theme+app integrations, such as in Your case. No payment is required for that. We checked Your situation, already made necessary adaptations and informed You about that by email.
Thank You for Your cooperation and understanding.
If you have more questions or need a customisation - please let us know via

Have a great day -
Help Center

Data modifica: 16 gennaio 2023

Stay FAR AWAY from this app!! The developers pulled a bait and switch and now we are missing most of our FAQ on our LIVE website. There are many other great options out there. Do not use this crap app!!!!

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16 gennaio 2021

Disapontited. Filled in all information, added to webpage as written in instruction, but page does not show up. Showing loading, but nothing going on. There is no chat, where you can as to help you. Definitely not worth payment

You go, girl!
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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shark Byte, Inc ha risposto 17 gennaio 2021

Hi, thank you for the feedback.

I just wanted to say that we have found the solution to the problem but the issue is related to the theme functionality. In order to resolve the issue, we'd need to access your admin panel. I've contacted you via email regarding this and looking forward to hear from you.

Also, I'd like to note that even though chat support is unavailable right now, our support team can be accessed at the email address: We're here to help everyday of the week and we react as fast as possible.

Please get back to us via email and we'll fix the problem. Have a great day! Eoscity support.

27 giugno 2017

A really neat app, but the "Contact" button doesn't work and freezes the entire page. In turn, the support team is absolutely useless. Keep getting a "it is a free app and our developers are focused on paid apps" reply. Shame..

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25 marzo 2020

This app is unstable and the support are weak. This app is unstable and the support are weak. This app is unstable and the support are weak.

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Shark Byte, Inc ha risposto 25 marzo 2020

Hello Oh&Ah,

We checked your situation with developers promptly. Help Center app does not in any way affect the way a client's store works. Our app installs and is reachable by a single page in the entire store. The only thing it can affect is that single FAQ page. If this page experiences problems - then it's either our fault or the shop's theme is interfering with our functionality - which we can fix. But if the problems arise anywhere outside of the FAQ page - we technically have no influence over it.
Since Help Center app was uninstalled from your store 2 days ago, maybe there were some other changes in your shop's theme during those days, that had an impact?

kind regards -
Help Center team

5 aprile 2017

Cant format text. I even tried formatting in word and pasting in the app but it changes the format. I had blue titles on one page, different size fonts, different colors, different types of font. this app is horrible! I wasted so much time and I gave up

Lalou Store
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Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 21 agosto 2019

I used to love this app, but I just found out that if I want to continue adding new sections and categories to my FAQ page, then I'll need to upgrade to premium. From now on, the free version will only include one category and one section. This will basically force every user to use the premium version, since having only one section on the FAQ page is not very useful (unless you want your page to look totally unprofessional).

You say you will not charge existing users for the sections they have already created, as long as we don't uninstall the app. However, if we have some technical issues that require uninstalling and reinstalling the app (and we don't manage to reinstall within 48 hours), then we will have only one section on our FAQ page, just like new users, unless we pay up.

I understand that you need to make a living, but I'm quite pissed that you managed to ruin one of my favorite apps. If the free version included unlimited categories and sections (just like before), then it wouldn't seem like you are pushing your users to pay for the premium version.

Polaris Baby
7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shark Byte, Inc ha risposto 21 agosto 2019

Dear Polaris Baby,

Thank you for your feedback. We want to assure that all Help Center features and FAQ structure that you had before Premium plans launch remain you for FREE. If you need to change a structure or add more categories, sections to your FAQ page - you can add as many as you like for free in transition period (or if you'll need a prolongation of it - please let us know). And use upgraded structure now or later - according to your business needs.

We'd kindly like to pay your attention to app uninstallment and 48hours period: this comes from GDPR requirements and Shopify redact policy. It is general obligatory rule for all app developers to delete merchants and it's customers data after 48 hours when app is uninstalled. We understand the inconvenience that might be caused in such cases, but app developers have to follow these important Shopify requirements.

If you'll have any additional questions - please let us know (
We'll be at your service.

kind regards -
Help Center team

26 aprile 2017

Great app, easy to install and looks professional.. so why the 1 star?

Well, all was working great but my customers now cannot get past the reCAPTCHA form. I have contacted the developers who haven't replied.

I will change this review to a well deserved 5 stars for the app once the issue is resolved. Sadly, my 1 star for customer services will still stand regardless.

Blazed Wear
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11 aprile 2017

Terrible support. I contacted them a 2 times about the same issue and never heard back from them.

Dog Signs Online
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