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11 novembre 2023

they propose you trial for 7 days to check if it is a good fit for you. After 4 test tickets and just import mail box my account was disabled and i was required to pay for plan ... ? i try to contact with support team to get some information what happened as i just install app and didnt even test it. i got information that trial is limited and i have to buy subscription to use app. so my question is where are these information >? that i can use only 4 test ticket and than i have to pay for subscription. and how iu suposted to test app with 4 tickets ? also support..... nice guy who enter chat. 10 min waiting for respond. and after 3-4 messages he just gone without any messages.....
if this is how its work the best thing is not even start to avoid future issues

Solar chargex
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Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 14 novembre 2023

Hi Solar! We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you faced with our platform. and regret that our communication fell short of your expectations.
We strive to provide clear information about our trial terms, and it's evident that we missed the mark in your case. We appreciate your feedback and want to assure you that we're actively addressing this to ensure smoother and more responsive assistance. We've reached out to you over email to go over this in-depth and help you use your trial to the fullest. 🙏🏼

21 agosto 2023

Our company have utilised Gorgias for almost 3 years now. Our team have been loving Gorgias. Their customer support team have provided us with wonderful support and advise. Even when system has some trouble, the Gorgias team provides us with constant update and ensures that our issue is being resolved.

Will recommend Gorgias for their awesome service, system and intuitive app that make the customer service team life a blissful one :)

By Invite Only
Circa 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 23 agosto 2023

What to say... This is simply 🎶 to our ears.

Sharing your Gorgias journey with the world is invaluable to us and we'll be making sure to live up to your expectations at all times.

We sincerely look forward to having you onboard for many years to come. 💛

18 ottobre 2023

The interface is absolute a mess, there's no guidance in regards to setting up a simple chatbot. I can't seem to grasp why all chatbots have to be so damn complicated to make, rather than making a straight forward process. Cut out all bs and make it simple, like it is suppose to be.

Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 20 ottobre 2023

Hi Arcade!
Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We're sorry to hear your initial experience wasn't as smooth as expected. We've reached out to assist and help you get started. We look forward to making your experience better. 🙏🏼🍀

20 settembre 2023

We had high hopes for Gorgias. But key integrations they said they had simply did not work. We were told repeatedly the issues would be resolved, but after weeks we had to abandon. Further, the phone queue functionality is extremely limited. If phone service matters, do your diligence - this likely isn't the service for you. You can't prioritize agents, adjust queue roll times, offer call backs, etc. - pretty basic stuff for any operation, large or small. They have some nice features and this may work for small/niche applications, but it's just not ready for prime time if you truly are a multi-modal shop.

Finally, beware the trial - they charged us up front and offered credits in subsequent months. When the platform didn't work as promised, they refused to refund the up front cost despite the fact that we never used the credits. Not a huge deal -the real cost to my business was the time, effort and expense of employees to implement a service that didn't live up to the hype, but it's reflective of a poor approach to clients/accountability.

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Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 22 settembre 2023

Hello, Team.

We appreciate you taking the time to leave your detailed feedback. We're genuinely sorry to learn that this is your impression. We would never want to see any of our clients leave with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Your satisfaction is our top priority and this surely is not what we would like to hold ourselves to when it comes to the quality of our overall service. What you mentioned in the first part of your review is something that will be relayed to the dedicated teams as is definitely a learning opportunity for all of us.

Concerning the Billing aspect, we do, however, keep everything perfectly transparent, providing the full information at the very beginning of your service with us. This being said, we are always ready to discuss any point of the Terms and Conditions of our Service with complete honesty and in full detail.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share your review, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. 🙏

12 settembre 2023

Best tool integrated with Shopify. Their team is agile, delivering multiple quality of life updates upon the time.

5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 18 settembre 2023

Hi, Hestiia!! Thank you so much for your positive review! 😊 We're thrilled to hear that you find our tool to be the best integrated with Shopify. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to share. We're here to serve you!

8 gennaio 2024

NOT GOOD. They just keep on spamming you with emails. If you don't reply, they continue sending spam - once a week. You add them to spam filter, they use a different mail server and messages go through.

Awful system - too expensive and not useful at all. There are hands full better and much cheaper alternatives out there (who also respect your privacy and don't send unwanted spam).

4 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 10 gennaio 2024

Hello, Team.

We're sincerely sorry for the inconvenience you've faced. Your experience is important to us, and we're committed to resolving this promptly.

We would like to contact you directly so that we can discuss this matter in more detail. With this said, would you be so kind as to email us at support@gorgias.com, and one of our dedicated Team members will make sure to address all your queries.

Thank you so much in advance.

14 novembre 2023

They just won't stop sending spam emails. We asked multiple times to stop but still they continue. Don't know how they manage to get through the spam filter that I set up monthly to bnlock their email but they do. Bravo!

We tried using it and that is what we found:

1) Very expensive compare to available free or less expensive apps on the market
2) They don't take privacy seriously. The privacy and general terms links are not even linked or working on their website.
3) The functionality and the price model is a huge joke
) Their team is only good selling their product or unnerving potential customers regardless if they want it or not

Look for cheaper and better alternatives and you will certainly find some...

Steel Vintage Bikes
20 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 16 novembre 2023

Hi Steel Vintage Bikes!
We genuinely apologize for any frustration caused by the spam emails. We've swiftly unsubscribed you and are actively addressing this issue to prevent future occurrences. Your feedback on our website has been incredibly helpful, and we've fixed the link accessibility concerns. 🍀
Regarding pricing, we understand your perspective, and we're continuously working to provide the best value for the services offered.
Thank you for helping us improve! 🙏🏼

15 agosto 2023

Having had the opportunity to interact with Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat, I can confidently say that it stands out in the crowded realm of customer service tools. The interface is seamless and intuitive, ensuring even the least tech-savvy users can navigate and make the most of its features.

What's particularly impressive is their support team. They’re not just helpful, they’re proactive. Whenever I had questions or faced any issues, they were there with quick, detailed instructions, making the entire process a breeze. This reflects the company’s commitment to user satisfaction.

All in all, for anyone considering a robust helpdesk and live chat solution, Gorgias is a top contender that should not be overlooked.

Highly recommended!

Gladskin NL
Paesi Bassi
Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 24 agosto 2023

Gorgias for the win! 🏆

We couldn't be happier to hear about the experience you've had with us, Team. That's exactly what we're all about - an AMAZING platform with an UNPARALLELED Support Team. We'll do our best to keep up that way and to carry on providing great service to you and all the Gorgians out there!


21 settembre 2023

Really great support when needed.

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Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 27 settembre 2023

That's just who we are! 💪

And we can surely relate to what you mean when you say "really great support" – clear communication is like a breath of fresh air.

Thank you so much for recognizing our dedication and efforts. Here's to many, many years in front of us. 🥂

14 agosto 2023

My team made the switch from Kustomer to Gorgias last year and are very pleased - the increase in speed is phenomenal and the platform serves as a one-stop shop for our various integrations. I wish there was a more robust reporting system and that different features of Gorgias were more readily able to be automated.

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Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 21 agosto 2023

Hi Sheertex team!
Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We're thrilled that you've experienced a significant speed boost with Gorgias and found our platform beneficial for your integrations. We value your input on reporting and automation, and we're actively working to enhance these areas to better meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority. 🚀✨