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21 settembre 2023

We are overall very happy with Gorgias and all the features it offers. The support team is quick and easy to work with and always answers our questions in a timely manner :) There are many features we enjoy about this platform!

Big Barker
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Quasi 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 27 settembre 2023

That's fantastic to hear, Big Barker Team!

We're more than thrilled to know that you've been having such a great experience with us. Clear explanations and understanding of your queries are our top priority, and it's awesome to hear that we're doing a good job.

If you ever need more assistance, you know where to find us. 🙏

28 giugno 2023

We're a small company with only two CS agents. We've been on Gorgias for a few years now and recently switched our Voice service to their native VOIP solution, switching AWAY from Aircall. It was a great decision. Aircall was very difficult to work with, prone to hacking, and had pretty bad overall service. Gorgias has been great. Not only is the voice solution easier to use, but it also integrates SMS very cleanly, and Gorgias customer service is fantastic. Their porting team got our numbers ported over within mere days. Two thumbs up.

Meghan Fabulous
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Quasi 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 29 giugno 2023

We're so chuffed to hear that you find our service to be worthy of these shiny 5 stars from the very start. 🙏 Thanks a bunch for taking the time to post a review about the experience you've had with us so far. We'll do our best to continue to provide you with the same level of service and raise the bar even higher. ⭐️

P.S. Your Gorgias Crew is sending lots of love to your Fabulous Duo! 💛

6 dicembre 2023

The absolute best eComm helpdesk backed by an incredible support team! Working with Gorgias and their team of experts is nothing short of wonderful!

Fuel Meals
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Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 8 dicembre 2023

We're over 🌙 to hear about your swift and seamless experience with us, Team!

High fives for the amazing journey with our Support Team - for their immediate assistance and lightning-fast response. Going above and beyond is just how we roll, and we're thrilled to have been able to live up to your expectations.

Thanks a bunch for your kind words, and here's to more hassle-free moments with Gorgias! 🌟

13 ottobre 2023

Great app, easy to use...their customer service is second to none and they are always quick to get back to us and keep us in the know of upcoming/planned updates and any issues/steps being taken to fix them

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12 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 17 ottobre 2023

What an honour to receive such an appraisal, Team! 🙏

We're so thrilled to learn that your journey with us has been smooth so far. Please rest assured we are dedicated to ensuring you have a seamless experience, and it's feedback like yours that keeps us motivated.

Thank you so much on behalf of everyone here at Gorgias! 🤗

11 settembre 2023

A great solution for the multiple ways for the different ways customers communicate with our store.

Previously the setup was opening multiple different apps and URLS which was hard to keep track of with the multiple members of team unsure who has done what.

With Gorgias we have only 1 inbox now for our emails, chats, socials, Trustpilot and we can be sure all communication is answered efficiently and tracked well.

The automatiions are also a time savee with good spam detection, macros for quick replies and rules to assign tags and statuses.

The personalised onboarding and support are great also.

Highly recommended product.

The Fine Bedding Company
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7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 18 settembre 2023

🌟 Thank you for your glowing review! 🌟

A single place that covers all your channels, automation features, and personalized support is what we're all about, and we're delighted that you've found them valuable.
Your recommendation means a lot to us, and we're here anytime you need assistance or have more feedback to share.

Cheers to smoother operations with Gorgias! 🚀

15 agosto 2023

Having had the opportunity to interact with Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat, I can confidently say that it stands out in the crowded realm of customer service tools. The interface is seamless and intuitive, ensuring even the least tech-savvy users can navigate and make the most of its features.

What's particularly impressive is their support team. They’re not just helpful, they’re proactive. Whenever I had questions or faced any issues, they were there with quick, detailed instructions, making the entire process a breeze. This reflects the company’s commitment to user satisfaction.

All in all, for anyone considering a robust helpdesk and live chat solution, Gorgias is a top contender that should not be overlooked.

Highly recommended!

Gladskin NL
Paesi Bassi
Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 24 agosto 2023

Gorgias for the win! 🏆

We couldn't be happier to hear about the experience you've had with us, Team. That's exactly what we're all about - an AMAZING platform with an UNPARALLELED Support Team. We'll do our best to keep up that way and to carry on providing great service to you and all the Gorgians out there!


3 luglio 2023

I am enjoying Gorgias and all of the additional features they offer. It's really refreshing to have someone in your corner from the platforms side. Jack is a great account manager and I truly appreciate all the help he provides.

Additionally, customer support is great and quick.

Nothing negative to say, the ride has been very pleasant so far!

Paesi Bassi
Oltre 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 4 luglio 2023

We are so glad to hear that Gorgias is exactly what you need. Jack is a terrific associate, and we are blessed to have him, so we will make sure to share your appraisal with him. Thank you for the 5-star review, and always count on us to put you first! 🙏

14 agosto 2023

My team made the switch from Kustomer to Gorgias last year and are very pleased - the increase in speed is phenomenal and the platform serves as a one-stop shop for our various integrations. I wish there was a more robust reporting system and that different features of Gorgias were more readily able to be automated.

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Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 21 agosto 2023

Hi Sheertex team!
Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We're thrilled that you've experienced a significant speed boost with Gorgias and found our platform beneficial for your integrations. We value your input on reporting and automation, and we're actively working to enhance these areas to better meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority. 🚀✨

18 giugno 2023

Always responsive. I may not get full resolution on my issue due to the technical nature of the problem BUT I am always kept updated with how the team are working on the problem. I can't really ask for more than that from the Helpdesk and Chat service. Nice one!

FRAHM Jacket
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Oltre 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 19 giugno 2023

Sharing your stories with us is what we love most, Team.

We will make sure to keep up the good work and become even better! 💪 In case there is anything we can additionally do for you, please let us know. Our Customer Support Team is always ready and more than happy to assist. 🤗

14 luglio 2023

We recently had an amazing experience with Gorgias! Their platform was incredibly user-friendly and efficient, making it easy to manage customer support needs. The team behind Gorgias was knowledgeable and helpful, providing great service whenever we needed assistance. We were impressed with how seamless the entire process was, from getting started with the platform to resolving any issues that came up. We would highly recommend Gorgias to anyone looking for a top-notch customer support solution. Thank you so much for all your help!

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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Gorgias Inc. ha risposto 18 luglio 2023

Fantastic! ✨

Anytime, Team! What an honor to hear that you found both our Team and our platform to be truly great. We'll do our best to continue to live up to your lovely impression of us.

Feel free to contact us whenever you need our help or have questions for us, we'll be more than happy to assist you. 🤗