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Sent us an email to say they are TRIPLING the price we pay. Disgusting how they treat customers! Don't do it. They are too big to support startups now. This is an enterprise app these days.

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Gorgias Incが返信しました 2022年10月3日

Hello Team.

We appreciate the time you've taken to review our service, and we’re truly sad to hear that you've got such an impression about us.

We can assure you that we do care about all our customers, always striving to make our pricing plans comparable, and affordable so you can get what you opted for.

As explained by one of our team members, the price increase stems from changes applied to operating costs in this macroeconomic environment, also taking into consideration the financial aspect during the process of improving the existing and implementing new features, which will take your Gorgias experience to an even higher level.

Once again, we're sincerely grateful for your feedback, and we truly appreciate your understanding on this one.


I do not recommend it. After uninstalling the app, the widget is still displayed on the store. We cannot reconnect to our account somehow, and this is the response we got from support. "would definitely recommend you book a quick call with us so we can go over your business needs and give you a walkthrough of the new revenue-generating features that we launch. Our team there will be able to help out on reconnecting to your old account and answer any questions that you have regarding our product! " After this message, they don't answer anymore. Very Frustrating and Unacceptable.

Gorgias Incが返信しました 2022年9月21日

Hi there,
Thank you for sharing your feedback!

I can see several conversations have been open between your store and Gorgias, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate the ticket where you reported you were unable to remove your widget from your store.

To give you some context, since the chat is installed on your theme.liquid folder in Shopify, you can either remove the snippet in Shopify directly or simply turn the chat off from your Gorgias account once you cancel your subscription. Based on the response you received from our team, it looks like we offered a call to sort this out as soon as possible and I'm very sorry to hear you were not able to receive any follow-up responses as faster as we'd like. We take your customer experience very seriously and I'll be happy to further investigate this to ensure we make things right for you.

I see you've recently had new conversations with our team regarding our Starter plan, so I'll contact you directly on that email address to help get your chat and account working if needed.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and for allowing us to show you we always strive to provide exceptional support in anything we do.


Horrible customer support. This is very strange because this is a customer support app, but it looks like they have to work more on improving their support!

Gorgias Incが返信しました 2022年9月12日

Hey there team,

Thank you for the feedback!

I checked your records with us and see that you mentioned that you submitted some questions that never received a reply, but I wasn't able to find any question that was left unanswered, I apologize.

If you find any we missed, please let our agents know - I see you're chatting with us currently, so the agent handling your ticket can re-send any messages you might have missed and reply to any questions we might have overlooked from our side.

Thank you so much for your patience with us, have a wonderful rest of your day!


This app smells scammy all over the place. Used it for a while, but it got to complex. Then trying to get out, is not easy. No delete account button, and you need to chat with them. And how is that going? Not good at all, since they are stalling,... stalling.... stalling....

Gorgias Incが返信しました 2022年9月12日

Hey there team,

Hope you're doing well, thank you for the feedback!

I'm so sorry to hear you found Gorgias too complex, we have a bunch of resources to help you get used to Gorgias and office calls available to go over certain functions to help with the more complex parts, I'm sorry if they weren't prominent or helpful enough - we're happy to learn.

As for cancelling your account, all you need to do is write to us and fill out the cancellation form and that's it - our Billing team will get back to you within 24 hours with the cancellation confirmation.

I see you wrote in on Saturday afternoon when we have extremely limited support, which is why the cancellation took a little longer, but I see it was processed on Sunday morning, 18 hours later - we hope to see you back at Gorgias again one day!

Thank you for your feedback once again, we're always working on getting back to you faster and improving our processes, so it's good to have in mind that the cancellation procedure could be faster.

All the best for you and your team going forward!


In response to Gorgias' response- DO NOT USE THIS APP IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Since my original review we now have had several people reply to our emails and customer support requests, but all they've done so far is confirm that the system isn't working in the ways we're saying that it's not working. The phone system kicks agents off calls when new calls come in, the email import timed out after days of trying to import emails, then wiped our account clean when the import failed, when emails are uploaded we're getting duplicate emails in multiple boxes so agents are doing double work and stepping on each other's toes, our user accounts were all deleted over the weekend and nobody knows why, you can't leave an after hours message, etc... like I said before it's a great idea but a HORRIBLE execution. At this point we're trying to get our money back for the time we paid for the service that's worse than unusable- it's making our agent's jobs harder and wasting our tech team's time. Hopefully with the $30MM they just raised they can actually build the service that they're selling. And Connor used a free gift for listening to the pitch offer to get my attention then never sent the gift and hasn't replied to any of my emails after the account sign up was completed. He got his sale and was done with us. ******* Original Review: It's a great idea and they sell it well but it doesn't work and nobody calls you back. Starting with the salesperson, Connor who makes promises that the company doesn't keep, to the implementation team that disappears before the integrations are working, to the system itself that isn't ready for use (no hold function on the phones and when a call comes in and an agent is on the phone it kicks the agent off the current call and gives them the new call) gorgias is a huge disappointment. I never write bad reviews, btw but all of our emails to anyone in the company are go unanswered and the executive team isn't reachable on linkedin or any other way. Hopefully this review will get someone's attention at gorgias and they can fix this situation.

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Gorgias Incが返信しました 2022年9月12日

Hello team,

Thank you so much for leaving a review, but I'm so sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience with Gorgias!

Regarding the phone issue, we sent you a reply on Saturday, please take a look and we'll be more than happy to continue troubleshooting this for you as it's definitely not expected behaviour. And not to worry - our tech teams will be involved right away if the issue isn't easy to solve on the agents' side.

As for promises Connor made that we didn't keep, could you please share some more about what was promised and wasn't delivered? I'll be more than happy to loop Connor in as well and we can all jump on a call, if needed. Just let us know!

To address the putting agents on hold feature, it's currently on our Roadmap here https://portal.productboard.com/gorgias/1-gorgias-product-roadmap/c/221-put-customer-on-hold-during-call, set to be released in late 2023. You can vote for the idea right there - the more votes, the higher the priority.

And finally, to address the unanswered emails, while we did have a huge surge of tickets and some agents out of office which resulted in a backlog - for which we truly apologize - we managed to reply to everyone during the weekend, so please take a look at our latest reply and we can continue our troubleshooting. We want Gorgias to be the perfect solution for your business and we'd be more than happy to help!

Thank you once again for your patience and your review - every piece of feedback helps us learn and get better.

All the best in the meantime!


Gorgias was good, albeit limited at first however they have now released an update to the android app which causes it to no longer work. This renders the Gorgias platform useless.
I'd strongly recommend looking for another customer service ticketing option as when raising any faults with Gorgias they are simply ignored.


Terrible!! I thougth is will be a solution for my business and now it becomes hell. I changed my local phone number for Gorgias phone number and the service does not work at all. Calls appear randomly on different team member's screens, they don't ring sometimes, team members cannot recieve the calls despite they are connected on line...massive Dissaster on Christmas season!!!!!!!! lots of sales lost. The worst of it is the response from Gorgias. I understand problems can happen but I contacted the person who sold me product no answer, I contacted my account mananger no solution, I contacted the technical team...only apologies and no answer to my questions about company address for all my time and sales lost and it is like they ignore the questions....DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still having problems with my phone line...

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Byer beware, the $60 subscription requires that you agree to a $10,000 not to exceed monthly limit. Your giving them permission to bill your credit card up to 10k per month uncontested instead of pausing your subscription in the event of a hack.

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If you stay with Gorgias long enough, you’ll become an “appreciated loyal customer”. This means that they’ll put you on a legacy plan which no longer receives any new core features. This became apparent for us recently when they updated their Instagram integration to also allow replying to Instagram DMs (sounds like a core part of the Instagram integration right?). Turns out we can only access this core Instagram integration feature if we update our plan to either: a) a much shittier plan for the same price. or b) a slightly less shittier plan for 5 x the price.

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We've used Gorgias for just about 2 years now and if you love consistent down times with the inability to respond to your own customers than it is a great service. When Gorgias is experiencing issues, nothing on your front-end is changed. So customers can still send you messages and you can't respond to them. Gorgias doesn't even put a message out to customers that there is an issue with the live chat. Ironically, when you look for support from Gorgias on their "live chat", there is never anyone to be found. They've even swapped it over to some useless automated messaging that is the same level of useful as Amazon Seller Support. We've given Gorgias multiple chances because the platform itself has a lot of potential. But they don't seem to want to make the basic fixes that merchants want. If you're looking at Gorgias, here are some of the features that are missing. 1. You cannot put in vacation hours for the storefront, only by person only. So the live chat widget is active at all times, even if you are not. The only way around this is to modify your business hours every time there is a Holiday. Or, you deactivate the widget all together. The kicker? If a customer has your website cached, they will still see the Gorgias widget and be able to send you messages but on your end it will say "Gorgias has been deactivated, please reactivate to reply to this message". Very business friendly. 2. No variability between the Desktop and Mobile experience. Everyone knows mobile shopping is booming and the fact that this isn't even an option is simply outstanding in 2021. 3. Removing features from the plan you're paying for and putting it in a plan at 2.5x the price without telling you those changes are being made or any sort of grandfather period. Excellent way to keep your loyal customers on board. At this point, we're going to look at apps like RE:amaze and see what they have on offer as we've given Gorgias multiple chances. If this is how they treat a customer who has been with them for 2 years, I can't imagine the treatment new customers get. I decided to give Gorgias one more chance to see if they could deal with the most basic frustrations before posting this review and the below happened. I sent this review over to Gorgias through their live chat support at 10:37am on July 28th, 2021. At 1:22pm PST, I still had not received a response even though their support hours are listed from 9am - 7pm PST. Finally at 1:35pm PST, I received a response that they completely understood my frustrations and would pass it along to the management team who would arrange a call the next day. Aleksandra sent an e-mail at 8:08am PST on Thursday, July 29th to confirm that 2pm was a good time for her to chat today. I confirmed with her at 11:37am PST. It is now 2:06pm PST and I have yet to receive a confirmation from her or a phone call. Clearly Gorgias did not understand our frustrations and we are unfortunately forced to leave this review.